Adriano Boin Date: 26th April 2020 at 11:49pm
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Italy Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced that the country has moved into Phase Two of its pandemic response, meaning players can soon return to training ahead of a Serie A return.

The country had its lowest daily death toll, 260, on Sunday, since March 14 lockdown measures put in place on March 10 have seemingly had a positive effect.

As a result Conte is easing some of the lockdown measures, allowing for some travel within regions and greater freedoms outdoors.

This means individual training for football players will be allowed as of May 4, before a return to group activities on May 18.

“Social distancing guidelines will be confirmed from May 4 and for the next two weeks until May 18, so travel should still be reduced within a region for unavoidable work or health reasons,” Conte said at a press conference.

“Sporting activity can be performed while keeping a distance of two metres, whereas when simply walking, one metre will be enough.

“To allow for a gradual resumption of sporting events, from May 4 and non-professionals will be allowed to train. However, these training sessions must maintain social distancing guidelines.”