Conor Clancy Date: 28th April 2020 at 11:08pm
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Serie ’s footballers are far from pleased that they won’t be allowed to take advantage of their clubs’ facilities before May 18, despite being allowed to train from May 4.

Prime minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Sunday that athletes will be allowed to exercise in public from May 4, though they’ll have to wait an additional two weeks before returning to their respective training complexes.

The Italian Footballers’ Association, the AIC, have labelled the decision “illogical and discriminatory”, while the believe it only heightens risk.

“The measure can increase, not contain, the risk,” the body said.

“Sportspeople have to train after an enforced break in order to avoid injuries and to prepare for group training on May 18.

“It’s clearly more dangerous to do individual work in the city and on unsuitable surfaces.”

Lazio defender Francesco was also left confused by the decision.

“I don’t want to create controversy,” he said.

“But I speak on behalf of my colleagues and I don’t understand why I can’t go running in a sports centre, which has safety rules in place, but I can run in a public park.”

A ’ group in Parma also questioned the decision, explaining that people could even gather to see the players working out in public and, in turn, increase the risk of the virus spreading.