Date: 26th May 2020 at 2:14pm
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A’s return to action is likely to see an increase in the number of injuries picked up by players.

Italian football is hoping to make a comeback in mid-June, although nothing has been confirmed of yet, but the absence of friendly matches ahead of competitive games makes injuries more probable than before.

“From my point of view, without friendly matches, a prolonged stop could lead to a high risk of injury,” said Walter Della Frera of the FIGC’s medical commission.

“That said, playing in a hot time and every three days can lead to dehydration and lots of factors that lower performance.”

All hands have been to the pump trying to organise a resumption for Serie A in recent weeks and although the ’s model has given a blueprint to follow, they won’t be taking the exact same measures.

“No [it’s not the same as ], but the protocol is similar,” he added.

“There has certainly been a particular attention to logistics, there are about 32 pages. In the end the medical part was the simplest one to write.

“We have 15 days to resume the season, so we can make further changes.

“Prudence and moving gradually is extremely important, maybe in two weeks we will face a completely different situation.”