Conor Clancy Date: 11th May 2020 at 10:46pm
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Joe Barone is adamant that Fiorentina’s return to training won’t face any setbacks despite three players testing positive for COVID-19.

Like the rest of Serie A’s sides, La Viola got back to individual training on Monday, May 4, but concerns arose when they had six positive tests within the club.

“Our sports centre is ready,” Barone told Radio Rai.

“We did everything according to the protocol.

“We have six positive cases, they’re all fine and asymptomatic and we hope they recover as soon as possible.

“You can’t stop players from training for two or three months – it should resume as soon as it can.”

Fiorentina, like each of the other 19 Serie A clubs, voted in favour of returning to action in order to complete the 2019/20 season.

“We’re in favour of playing,” he added.

“Ruining this season and next [season] would be a real disaster.

“Settling the accounts will be very difficult and nobody can afford another abnormal season.

“Hopefully we can finish this campaign and start the next one as well.”