Date: 14th June 2020 at 2:03pm
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Are you passionate about watching exciting matches and feeling inspired to get into this super compelling game? Well, football itself is a ‘beautiful game’ that induces athleticism in the players and teaches them team unity. It is one of the most popular games that have surpassed the borders of the country where it was first introduced. Nowadays, people all over the world love watching or playing this gentle sport. If you also want to get into this game and are in the very beginning stage of it, you won’t need so many things to get into it. With enthusiasm and knowledge of the rules, you need a pair of quality football cleats.

Beginners Guide to Get into Football

Football, also called soccer, is governed by FIFA, having 211 national associations. The official name of the sport is Association Football. If you love this game and want to turn your high school passion into a reality, we are offering you a precise guide. So you can get a better direction, learn about the game and get all the necessary accessories to get into the sport.

What do You Need to Know to Get Started?

We all know it is a very simplistic form of sports that doesn’t incorporate so many complications or accessories, right? The very foremost thing you need to know is, you cannot your hands and have to put the ball in the net of the opponent team. You will conceive the tactics, rules, and strategies you go on playing and enjoying the game.

Things You Need

You won’t require a lot of accessories. Some vital accessories will necessarily serve you. Things you may need include:

Football Cleats

It is one of the significant pieces of equipment you need to get before you kick off playing the sport. So if you are planning to form your high school football team or want to play like a pro, you better pay for a quality pair of cleats.

Soccer involves a lot of running and immediate changes in positions. A quality pair of cleats help you get a better grip on the surface when you have to start or stop running suddenly or change the direction of running. On what type of surface you are playing the sport influences the kind of cleats you need. Firm, hard, soft, or turf whatever cleat you select, make sure it is comforting, and matches the anatomy of your feet.

Shin Pads and

Football doesn’t involve any collision, yet you need shin pads to secure your legs from possible injuries. With socks, you can hide the pads.

The Ball

The ball is the most significant equipment in this sport. A standard ball has a diameter of 22 cm weighing nearly one pound. The pressure inside can vary from 9 to 16 psi.


Football is played between two teams consisting of eleven players each. You will find leagues having a different number of players. So, you can gather friends and start playing. 


The FIFA standard football goal is 8yds in width and 8ft in height. The extent can also vary with the number of players. When you play pick-up games, you will find smaller goals with no goalkeepers. 

The Field

The length of the rectangular field for matches varies from 100yds to 130yds, with the width from 50yds to 100yds. When you are not in an official tournament, the size of the field is not a concern. The smaller the teams, the shorter the field can be. 

What do You Need to Do to Get Started?

Football is a fun game. Just get started and be optimistic to learn tactics and play. way is to involve in pick-up games, play with a league, or gather friends and play!

Quickfire Rules!

  • The basic rule is, your team has to score more goals than the opposition kicking the ball in the opponent’s goalpost, also protecting your own. 
  • While passing the ball to others, players have to follow a few passing rules. One is the offside rule, and the other is passing back to the keeper. 
  • Offside can occur only on the attacking side of the pitch. If an attacking team member is closer to the defending team’s goal line than the ball and next to the last defender, he is on the offside. 
  • When a half begins or a team scores, the football is kicked off from the middle of the separating line to continue the match. The line divides the pitch into the offensive and defensive half. 
  • Players cannot cross their half before the kick-off. 
  • When a foul occurs in the penalty area, it will result in a penalty, otherwise a free-kick.
  • Hitting the ball exceeding the goal line by the attacking team causes a goal kick. If the ball goes beyond the goal line by any of the , it will award the attacking team with a corner kick.

Football is one of those sports that have got recognition worldwide. People all over the world enjoy this sport immensely. The above guide will ease your way to get into this game as a beginner.