Lega Pro take cheeky dig at Champions League draw

Vito Doria Date:10th July 2020 at 4:17pm
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The Champions League quarter-final draw was made in Nyon, Switerzland on Friday while the Serie C playoff quarter-final draw was made on the same day and the Lega Pro decided to poke fun at one of its far more prestigious counterparts.

Reggio Audace, Potenza, Bari, Ternana, Carpi, Novara, Carrarese, and the Juventus Under-23 team are in the battle to earn the final place in the 2020/21 Serie B campaign, and they hold the aspiration to join Monza, Vicenza, and Reggina in Serie B.

On their official Twitter account, the Lega Pro posted a meme with the Champions League fixtures on the left side saying “for boys” and the one on the right is of the Serie C playoffs, which says “for men”.

Monza, Vicenza, and Reggina were automatically promoted from their respective groups in Serie C as they were holding the top spots before the outbreak of COVID-19.