Date: 11th July 2020 at 1:38pm
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Juventus, The Old Lady, is one of the, if not the most recognisable football teams in , and the world. Juventus has been home to some of the best players in footballing history, natural winners, at some point in their career, and that hasn’t changed.

Juventus have not only been able to attract the best players, but have also become the absolute best at attracting free-transfer gems. This recruitment policy, and the passion the always seem to have, has turned them into one of the most dominant teams in the world.

They aren’t a team without their struggles though. Back in the mid-2000’s, they were hit with the Calciopoli scandal that dropped them into Serie B. Once they returned to Serie A, their struggles continued, and they lost some of the big players that made the club the giant it was before the scandal.

They found their form again, and were once again topping the league and winning the championship and Coppa Italia over and over again, and like before, the club was very quickly attracting the best in Italy, and the world.

One of the most obvious things that sets Juventus apart from other Italian clubs, as well as other clubs across the globe, is their recruitment. Juventus have become the go-to club for big players wanting to play in the Serie A.

There has always been something that has set Juve apart from the other big clubs in Italy like Inter and AC , and it’s that sense of deep, ingrained pride and strength, that the other clubs just don’t exude to the same level as Juve does.

They have also become incredibly good at mixing established players, with young, up and coming players, that turns the turn into an unstoppable combination of youth and speed, with experience and strength.

This is evident simply by looking at Gigi Buffon. One of the most famous goalkeepers to ever play, Gigi is 42, has played most of career across two stints at Juventus, and has also just signed a contract extension, and in front of him is the young, 20 year old Dutch Matthijs de Ligt, who is regarded as one of the best Dutch defenders in the world.

This is just one example, but Juventus have constantly done this, mixed the team up with youth and experience, and have always seemed to get the balance just right. Even when they brought in arguably the best player in the world, Christiano Ronaldo.

Many believed Ronaldo may actually struggle at a club like Juve, considering they are definitely a team that doesn’t rely on individual players, but they adapted their system, and Ronaldo obviously became one of their leading and essential players.

It would be easy to put that down to Ronaldo’s skill and adaptability, but then you look at the ther players that have come in, and you can see that Juventus are able to change how they play to ensure players can perform to the best of their ability.

Another crucial aspect of their success is their ability to sign free-transfers. Many players become free agents when they are past their prime, with a few top players simply refusing new contracts because they want to play somewhere else.

Looking through the list of players that Juventus have brought in for free makes for incredible reading. Andrea Pirlo, Fabio Cannavaro, Paul , Fernando Llorente, Kingsley Coman, Sami Khedira, Dani Alves, Emre Can and Aaron Ramsey, all players any time would pay good money for.

What’s even more incredible is that these players weren’t the best at their previous clubs, and some were even fringe players, yet a move to Juventus, at a point where some of them were even “past their prime” somehow transformed them into super stars again.

Paul Pogba came to Juve on a free from United, and yes, we haven’t seen the best of him lately, but he went from a fringe nobody at United, to the “next big thing” after a couple of seasons at Juventus, which put him right back on the world stage.

The Italians are famous for their footballing passion, and this is easily seen at any one of Juventus’s games, and you don’t even have to be italian to immediately fall in love with the club, and what they stand for when you put on that white and black jersey.

There are multiple reasons why Juventus are as dominant as they are, but the most obvious and most consistent one would have to be their transfers and transfer policy. You can’t be such a big club if you don’t have big club players.

The fact that they can still draw the likes of Christiano Ronaldo, a man considered one of the best players in the world, who is still arguably in his prime, is testament to the weight that this club’s name holds.

It is extremely difficult to see a time in the future when Juventus aren’t as strong and as dominant as they are now, and a time when the biggest names in the game don’t make it known that they want to play there.