Date: 27th August 2020 at 6:03pm
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Football is one of the sports that have received support and opposition in equal measure. Much of the opposition on the sport is predicated upon injuries and head trauma.

Nevertheless, it is among the most rewarding sports considering the advantages it offers a player and more so if one is involved in their childhood. The sport provides significant positives that are quite necessary for the development of exceptional citizens and leaders.

This article highlights considerable reasons for playing this game, including the burning of calories, building up your muscles, boosting your mental development, facilitating better coordination, improving self-discipline, and making new friends.

Burns Calories

Burning calories is one of the many benefits of getting involved in this sport. While playing football may require that you commit a significant amount of time in the game, you may choose to seek assignment writing help, to balance between sports and academic life.

However, the intensity of effort varies in the sense that football is an extremely physical sport with people running at high-speeds.

The physical extremes of this particular sport increase the body’s metabolic rate thereby ensuring that one burns more calories.

Besides the intensity, players spend a considerable amount of time exercising or playing the sport meaning that the rate of burning calories is sped. Further, burning calories is crucial to losing the fat levels in the body in the quest to attain leanness.

Football offers the individual an opportunity to burn calories and more importantly, their physical and mental fitness remains top.

Building up Muscle

The process of burning calories and eliminating fat loss results in increased muscle toning.

Protein synthesis is a process through which muscles grow because it consumes a significant amount of energy in the cell.

In this case, the building of muscles is not only predicated on the workout thereof but also ensures that the muscles already built have a continuous procedure of consuming energy as well as burn calories.

An individual who is active in football is likely to meet these standards with minimal efforts.

Besides, it is paradoxical that the more muscles the player attains, the greater their resting energy expenditure. This assertion implies that such individuals’ bodies burn more calories when they are resting than when active.

Among other related health benefits of football include a more proficient way of losing weight because of the frequent exercise routine.

Eventually, one attains a better body composition, whereby their bodies can lose fat quickly and maintain that statute for an extended period.

Boosts Mental Development

The case for mental health is one that can never go unmentioned because it is present in almost every other sport.

Besides the physical attributes that have been highlighted in the discussion above, mental toughness ranks as a very essential commodity both from a personal and professional viewpoint.

Nevertheless, a person without great mental fortitude cannot play football. In the course of playing, such people will battle through injuries or be compelled to overcome adversity particularly when they lose.

Playing football is a journey that is filled with events that evoke inner introspection and thus, lessons that could be learned so far. In class, such kids will become more creative.

For instance, they can present well-written essays on sport amidst other scenarios that expand their thinking capacity.

According to Hotenceva and Shpichka, another related element of players’ mental development is in making decisions quickly as well as raising their levels of concentration.

Players are expected to exhibit specific patterns during a game. They understand that winning a game relies on the very small margins and thus, they are unlikely to let their attention stray.

In essence, their cognitive abilities improve considerably.

Better Coordination

Even with these predispositions, many will still relay the question, “Why is football important?”

One can respond with the improved nature of a person’s coordination, which is an outward exhibition of an organized mind. The demands of the game assert that players ought to be quick in navigating the field.

This claim recommends tireless running, stopping, changing direction while at the same time focusing on the ball. In this regard, curated passes or takes of the ball could be the determinants of the result.

This position justifies why attentive athletes and more so, those who are exceptional in the coordination of movements influence the outcome significantly. Moreover, with these capabilities, they are bound to outperform average colleagues.


The margin of error in the game of football demands the player’s as well as colleagues’ utmost attention to detail.

A single mental error dropped pass, or the wrong step could have adverse effects on the game or any given play.

It is these dynamics that bring the essence of discipline to the fold.

Positive peer pressure, coach’s leadership, and through repetition, players maintain concentration, overcome fatigue, and their minds remain sharp for any on-field surprises.

There are very many examples of teams that have defeated opponents who were fortunate to be of superior strength and ability.

The uk write my essay observes that disciplined players possess unrivaled levels of will power that guarantee that they can face the best of opposition.

New Friends

The social aspect of the sport is one that can never be disregarded.

And even though there are many ways that individuals can make friends and articulate quickly, football players share an unrivalled bond.

The group consists of many teammates who are geared at achieving a shared goal.

These are individuals who have shared sufferings, defeats, and victories.

These circumstances have presented them with the chances upon which to appreciate their friends’ positives and annoyances.

This bond extends beyond the school life and this group remains in contact.

It molds a person’s character, which helps them through life’s experiences.

In essence, the passion and desire to play football leads to one meeting new people, who eventually become friends.

It is an exciting prospect, particularly for kids.

Conclusively, involvement in football has physical and mental benefits to players. Burning calories is an essential element of a healthy being and more so, considering that a player has to be relatively lean. When fat is burnt from the body, they attain refined muscular frames that can meet the demands of the sport. Besides, maintaining a muscular body is much easier.

Players’ cognitive capabilities improve tremendously. The creativity that is witnessed in the field has a trickle-down effect on other areas of their lives. They have better coordination of events on and off the field. Players become more disciplined and create robust bonds that extend to their adulthood.