Date: 27th August 2020 at 6:06pm
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Managing time is crucial for student-athletes. Once the collegiate season begins, they have to deal with hectic schedules. Student-athletes also face immense pressure to perform in both athletics and academics. This situation makes it difficult for them to allocate adequate time for both activities. However, they can follow several useful tips to strike a balance between athletics and academics. For this reason, let’s look at these eight proven time-management tips for student-athletes.

Make practice a priority

You should ensure that practice is your priority to meet your athletic goals. You can do this by listing all your daily commitments. Having an outline will help you cut off unnecessary activities that eat up your time. Remember, plenty of work is required to achieve peak athletic shape. So, ensure you list practice as the most important task daily. This will help you attend all your practice sessions and meet high-performance. Always visualize your athletic goals to maintain a laser focus on your practice sessions.

However, prioritizing athletics doesn’t mean you ignore your studies and assignments. Remember academics is one of your top priorities in college. So, you need to allocate adequate time for academics to avoid late delivery of assignments and low grades. That is why you will find useful as it will provide you with professional writing services to boost your grades. The writing service will assist you to concentrate on your athletics while managing classwork.

Have a schedule

Successful student-athletes schedule their time. They find it an effective strategy for managing the many activities involved in both athletics and academics. You can use planners and calendars to help you in organizing your time. They can help you keep track of all the dates and times for practices, classes, homework, exams, travel, games. With planners and calendars, you can record all your commitments and deadlines in a single place. These organizing tools can assist you to have a clear schedule for the rest of the semester or year. Further, you can check out these time management tools for student-athletes:

  • Trollo
  • Google Keep
  • Evernote
  • myHomework Student Planner
  • Wunderlist

You can also follow these three useful tips to make your schedule effective. First, always make sure you look at your schedule every day to avoid missing anything. In this way, you won’t forget any important task due to your busy schedule. Second, stick to your schedule by honoring the time set aside for homework and athletics. Doing this will make you balance your academic and athletic goals every day. Third, treat your schedule as official because it will help you hold yourself accountable when you any part of it.

Stay ahead of assignments

Student-athlete time management involves doing your assignments early. When you have several assignments a practical study tactic is handling them in chronological order. Deal first with those assignments which are almost due. This action can help you avoid your homework building up. You will find your classwork flows as you don’t have to always worry and stress about missing deadlines. This tactic also includes studying ahead of time. Your professors usually release the course syllabus at the start of the semester. So, immediately plan your study sessions for each course. By studying ahead of time you will build your confidence when exam time approaches. Being a student-athlete also poses the challenge of preparing for many games in the semester. You can manage your assignments better using already written college essays that will assist you to navigate the demanding college athletic season. This will ensure you enjoy a peaceful state of mind while traveling or for any upcoming games.

Get rid of procrastination

A common damaging habit that undermines many students in college is procrastination. This habit causes you to put off executing important tasks. You may think that you have a lot of time. The reality is that these crucial tasks will catch up with you. Procrastination negatively impacts your academic and athletic life. You may postpone going to practice or class so you can enjoy some desirable activity. However, later the time you lose will cause you unnecessary physical or mental strain. You will rush doing your assignments or overwork in your practice sessions.

Therefore, you must avoid this bad habit for better academic and athletic performances. Remember, sometimes you may procrastinate but you can prevent this from becoming your habit. Several practical tips for beating off procrastination include organizing your schedule and starting your studies early. You can set personal deadlines that will ensure you do your homework in advance. Understanding the importance of time management will also help you avoid putting off any important task. Using these tips will enhance your daily productivity and you will be rewarded with higher academic and athletic performances.

Tackle responsibilities you can handle

When in college, there are countless exciting extracurricular activities or groups you can join. Your friends can tempt you to join them and enjoy their adventures. However, you may end up spending too much time on these activities that they interfere with your academics and athletics. This may happen when you miss plenty of classes and practice sessions in the semester. You should remember that your priority in school is athletics and academics. So, make sure your academics and athletics don’t suffer when you participate in any of these extracurricular activities.

Talk to your professors

Many student-athletes may not know how to balance their coursework with athletics. So, it is advisable that when you first enroll in college you have an audience with your professors. Your professors have handled many student-athletes during their careers. So, you can expect to get time-tested tips on how to balance school and sports. The wisdom you gain from your professors will come in handy during your academic journey. This is because you will have efficient ways to manage your athletic and academic responsibilities.

Have a regular sleep routine

Your sleep time is a precious commodity during your athletic and academic life. Sleep will aid your recovery and energy levels. So, use this time to get much-needed rest to allow you to peak performance. Maintain a similar waking up and sleeping pattern daily for maximum benefits to your health. Proper sleep has been shown to have a significant positive and mental impact on student-athletes. Therefore, avoid neglecting sleep so you can overwork yourself. A better alternative is gaining assistance from cheap custom essay writing which will help you get more time for sleep. You can add valuable hours to your sleep time as our experts work on your assignments.

As a student-athlete, maintain a healthy balance between athletics and academics. Be organized by having a regular daily schedule.  Do your assignments early and avoid the temptation of procrastinating.  Also, don’t hesitate to consult your professors for some advice. Always remember the value of your sleep. By following these tips you can have a successful journey as a student-athlete while in college.