Date: 10th August 2020 at 9:24pm
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If you’re a registered trader on the football stock trading platform Football Index, it’s a given that you’re up-to-date on the happenings in the football world. There’s a set routine that you should have to build acumen as a football trader. Among the things you should be doing regularly are logging in every day, tallying match , and watching news of the football scene. But during certain periods within the calendar year, your regular routine won’t be enough.

At these times, you’ll need to prepare for heightened activity on Football Index, both on your end and that of other traders. You and your fellow traders—from seasoned Football Indexers to newcomers with a Football Index referral code—will be in for a busy time. Mark your calendars, keep your television on, and online to check the value of your player shares when these four events come up!

During Transfer Windows

Club transfers always instigate a flurry of activity on Football Index. There’s a lot of rumour mongering that goes on, and a lot of attention cast on the player involved in the transfer. Inevitably, that buzz will drive a surge in share prices through media dividends, and that often causes panic trading on the platform. So when news of an impending transfer comes up, you will want to be logged in and aware of other traders’ behaviours.

This is also a time that you should keep your wits about you and take extra care in your decision-making. Remember, although a player’s value may rise while they’re the centre of attention, that value may easily fall in instances where the transfer doesn’t push through. Weigh all the possibilities of the transfer before you buy or sell your shares.

During Match Days

On match days, Football Index traders get the chance to reap in-play dividends. These dividends are based on the matches in the leagues that Football Index recognizes, including the Premier League, La Liga, A, and Bundesliga. Match days are opportunities to earn payouts based on how well your players do on the pitch. You’ll be rewarded for goals, assists, key passes, corners won, and other actions based on Football Index’s match scoring table.

Traders have a deadline of 15:00, Time, to purchase shares in competing footballers in order to be eligible for match day dividends. If a footballer in your portfolio is likely to play in a match, get ready to make a decision on your shares. All the better if the evidence shows that your player will have an impact on the game.

During the Christmas Season

Christmas is also a very active time on Football Index, as it immediately precedes the EFL’s League Cup and The Football Association’s . In the days leading to January, you can expect media coverage to be high and for players’ share prices to increase. Not only this, but Christmas period – especially in the Premier League – is notorious for the quantity of games with matches coming quick and fast, providing traders with more opportunities to reap in the benefits of performance dividends.

You can also expect some new traders to come into the platform because of Football Index’s Christmas referral promos. The more people there are on the website, the more exciting it will be to trade in football stocks!

During Major Tournaments

Keep your eyes peeled and your account active when the two main European football tournaments—the Champions League and the off. Footballers competing in either of these leagues will have their performance scores multiplied by 1.25, as per Football Index’s scoring table.

You should definitely be watching your shares if you stand to gain handsome dividends from your eligible players. Experience playing in the Champions League and the Europa League could also add lasting value to your player. Keep this in mind when you buy or sell football stocks in the future.

Tips for Trading All Year Round

Though some periods generate more activity on Football Index than others, you should be smart about your portfolio all year round. Don’t panic when you see a dip in values; you shouldn’t freak out about losing if you have not even made a sale.

Be objective in assembling your dream portfolio of players, and base your acquisitions on their actual performances and the potential they’ve proven to the world. If you’ve made sound decisions based on facts, plus knowledge of how Football Index works, you can trust in your players to garner you profit. Being in the right place, at the right time, and making the right decisions are all part of the thrill of Football Index!

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