Date: 15th September 2020 at 1:53pm
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In news that disappointed fans, players, and others, the government announced football stadiums would remain closed in Italy. Such disappointment may fade as people realize the reasons behind the decision.

The coronavirus pandemic makes large gatherings of people dangerous. A football stadium filled with rabid, screaming fans would present too great of a risk.

Stadium Limitations

Things could change relatively quickly. Government officials did note that stadium reopenings could occur as early as October 7. As long as infection numbers drop, then things may continue to reopen. So, some hold out hope that football will return to a semblance of past normalcy.

Don’t expect government officials to allow stadiums to become packed to capacity, though. Social distancing remains a reliable way to slow the spread of the virus. Packing 60,000 fans inside a stadium right next to one another would be a disastrous idea. Recent studies show that indoor dining may contribute to the infections spread. Packing people in a sports stadium would surely be riskier, even with the “open-air” setting.

A decrease in audience attendance could hurt revenue, but some alternative revenue-generating means exist. The internet does provide one way for professional Italian soccer leagues to reach audiences and earn money.

Online Strategies for Generating Funds

Top football teams may still be able to generate revenue even without stadium sales. Merchandise, such as shirts, hats, posters, and more, could boost the clubs’ income. Also, television deals bring Italian football to many homes. Cable television and internet streaming extend worldwide audiences into many millions.

Online casinos, in particular, provide a way for teams to earn licensing money. Themed slot machines prove popular, and an online slot game based on an Italian football team would do potentially well at a casino like mobilebet for example. Game design companies may pay huge sums to license a team name and any player images. If the team’s fans patronize a licensed-slot game, the casino and game designers may do well. The team might even increase its licensing fee when the rights renewal time arrives.

Broadcasts drive interest, as well. Serie A games are available on live internet streams. Even without people in live attendance, the Sevilla vs. Inter Milan live stream should draw a huge audience online.

Since the match represents the Europa League Final, interest should be high. That said, any empty stadium may take some enthusiasm out of the event. Becoming an “active fan” by playing an online slot version may allow fans to experience their spirit differently.

Some politicians in Italy are pushing to open stadiums to football events. However, the government has yet to move on, making stadiums more accessible. Again, the risks associated with Covid-19 make packing outdoor stadiums dangerous. Italy suffered tremendously during the early days of the outbreak, and the death toll was significant.

It is doubtful the country wants to re-experience such effects. Regardless, some grow restless from “pandemic fatigue” and would prefer to see attendance rules relaxed. Hopefully, such persons may feel content with playing games at home or watching an online stream.