Vito Doria Date: 30th October 2020 at 6:33pm
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Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti has said that he had difficulties containing Argentine legend when they faced each other in A during the 1980s.

Maradona turns 60 years old on Friday and the 61-year-old former international, who played for and AC Milan in Italy’s top flight, reflected on the battles he had with the enigmatic Argentinian during their playing careers.

“He is the greatest player that I ever faced,” Ancelotti said to France .

“I have total respect for him. I tried many times to stop him but it was impossible to contain him.

“I have great memories of him. He had some problems during his but he was a great adversary and a fantastic player.

“The era in which we played in was that of the great rivalry between Napoli and AC Milan. They had a great squad with Maradona and .

“I tried also unlawful methods to stop him but he was irresistible. If we want to be frank, the kicks I gave him, he also gave them back.”