Date: 29th October 2020 at 6:12pm
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It’s never really encouraged to chase sporting bets. In fact, it’s even considered a dangerous move that has a high chance of breaking your bankroll. It’s a move that isn’t best suited for punters with a faint-of-heart. Or for those that grip their bankrolls tight in an iron fist. 

Chasing sports bets is a tactic that is considered controversial. Yet it still requires the same preparation such as doing in-depth research, like the teams and athletes. 

It also involves checking the best tips of the day via ProTipster. Even so, it’s a method that is universally criticized by a lot of people. That said, for those that are bold enough and have a sizeable bankroll to bet, then read on:

What Is Chasing A Bet

Before we dive into sports betting strategies that will enable you to chase sports bets without breaking the bank, we need to understand what it is about. Essentially, chasing sports bets is betting with the hopes of trying to recover your loss.

To put it simply here’s an example: you bet 100 each on various Champions League matches, early in the afternoon. You find out a little later, that you lost each bet that you placed. As a result, you opt to double your efforts by depositing 200 each into the bets. This is within the hopes that you can win back the 100 that you lost with a chance of making money on top of that. You are taking a bigger risk in an attempt to chase your previous loss.

Why Is It Dangerous

A lot of experienced punters are opposed to chasing sports bets. This is mostly because the risk of chasing loss is usually motivated by emotion and ego, rather than opportunity, logic, and facts. 

Recovering from loss can be problematic, especially for those trying to recoup as quick as possible. In such cases, it’s problematic because logic tends to get tossed out of the window.

However, the truth is, you cannot avoid losing streaks. Even those that are handicapped games to increase a punter’s chances of winning or avoid losing money two or three in a row. 

While it is dangerous, it is still doable. As a matter of fact, punters have access to the diverse pool of sports betting markets. You can access internet-based sportsbooks to place your sports bets. You can split between two or more sportsbooks to increase your chances of getting a larger payout.

But keep in mind, you need to have a sizable bankroll to enable you to chase your losses until you either break your losing streak or you lose another bet. If you do have a large bankroll, remember you need to have to steel yourself and learn to stomach taking risks before getting a chance to make a profit after a streak of losses.

Strategies That Won’t Break Your Bank

That said, here’s a couple of actionable strategies that you can apply right now:

  • Segrate Your Bankroll

Segregating your bankroll is one of the two strategies that use losses as a part of your plan. It’s a simple enough process that enables you to protect a part of your bankroll even if you chase sports bets. One of the best things about it is you can customize it depending on your risk tolerance and goals.

For this strategy, you’ll need to divide your bankroll into two parts. But you may opt to divide into a ratio and number that works for you. Use one of the portions to chase your losses and the other portion for conservative gambling activities.

  • Double or Nothing

As the name states, the second strategy requires a strong stomach and nerve. It’s simple but it’s a risky gamble. In other words, you need to double your starting bankroll or lose it all. 

To use this strategy, you need to set bankroll and make bets until you double up or go broke. One of the ways to do this is to make an even bet with your entire bankroll. Another is to divide your money into individual bets and let it ride, with hopes of doubling up your wins.