How The Pandemic Is Affecting The Betting And Casino Industries

Date: 14th November 2020 at 3:21pm
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Covid-19 has appeared out of the blue and made a huge impact on global industries.  The online casino and betting sector are among the most affected sectors on the global level. Worldwide economies are suffering from the standstill and we can’t predict when the pandemic will cease. The virus has also caused many layoffs and closure of businesses, making the entire situation even harder. Meanwhile, leading countries around the globe are looking for the vaccine to cure infected individuals. In this review, we will take a look at the pandemic effects on the casino industry and has led more people to enjoy their gambling urges through online casinos instead.

iGaming World During Pandemic

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, nobody would believe that something like this could happen. Who on the earth could imagine that the sports betting industry will stop with all activities for almost a year? However, not all industries are seriously affected by the pandemic. Some of them have benefits of the outbreak, with online gaming being in the center of attention.

What Happened with Online Gaming

We can see many changes in the online gaming world since the emergence of Covid-19. First of all, the number of players on online gambling sites has significantly increased especially on the new uk casino websites with free spins. During the lockdown period, people were closed in their houses and they chose gaming for some entertainment. This is especially true for slot lovers and college students who had enough time to test favorite variations as well as for live dealer enthusiasts.

The online gaming industry is particular in terms of available options. Apart from real money games, players have the opportunity to enjoy the free version of popular games and learn the rules. It was another important thing for the newcomers during the pandemic.

Another reason for switching to online gambling is the absence of popular sports competitions. Over the previous months, major football leagues, tennis, and basketball contests were canceled and the players had to find something else to fill the free time.

Considering the official data, the internet online gaming sector is one of the rare industries which went through the outbreak with no financial losses. At the same time, land-based venues are more than affected. Leading operators closed their venues for several months which caused financial harm. Even after partial opening, customers had to respect rules when entering the casino space. The capacity of the venues is also reduced and the number of active bettors is drastically lower than in the pre-COVID-19 period.

Most Popular Gaming Providers

One of the countries which have recorded a significant increase in the number of online gaming customers is the United Kingdom. The closure of popular land-based venues led to a change of behavior, with many players now choosing online gaming opportunities. One of the operators which saw significant growth in the number of players is Bet365. Just during April, the brand had over 20,500,000 active customers which was a tremendous achievement. Other brands with good results are SkyBet and William Hill.

What’s important for online game is the possibility to access them on mobile devices. It attracts more active customers to choose the option and play at any time and any place. With no clear perspective about the end of the virus, we can expect to see an additional rise in the overall number of online gamers.

Official Reports and Data

If we take a look at the British market, we can see the increase in total numbers of online casino users. According to the report of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, there was an increase of 25% of online slot players along with a 38% increase in the number of poker users. The overall revenues for the same period are also at the highlight, which is another consequence of the Covid-19 outbreak. Internet gambling has become one of the most demanded and the evidences are on every corner.

Online World

With the ongoing nature of the pandemic, we can see everything becoming online starting from jobs to social contacts. In addition to it, people started to shop online as well as to prepare themselves for the digital age. The online gaming industry is at the historical peak and the providers expect to profit even more, with the participation of sports betting lovers.


As you can see, the situation around the world is becoming chaotic every single day. Online world has taken all the spheres of life and we can only adapt to changes and accept them. However, malaysia online casino games are making some great results and the same will continue in the upcoming months.

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