Date: 27th November 2020 at 8:56pm
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With a current value of $583 million, AC Milan is not the richest Italian soccer club. In that aspect, it ranks behind Juventus, Inter Milan, and AS Roma. The value fell by 5% when compared to last year. Although the losses have been significantly reduced over the past few years, the club closed the 2019/2020 financial year with €100 in loss. The good news is that the club does not have any debt. AS Roma, Inter Milan, and Juventus are inferior in that aspect.

When we look at the current Serie A rank list, we realize this once again: money is not the most valuable thing. Milan is an expensive team, but not that much when compared to Juventus (whose current value is estimated at over $1.5 billion). Still, it currently ranks first in Serie A, with Juventus being in the fourth position.

One might argue that the season just started. Last year, Milan ended up sixth and Juventus was first. Both clubs played only eight games this season, so it is too early to say who the final winner will be. However now, Milan is on a winning spree, and it would be smart to place your bets on it. We will give you three reasons why.

3 Reasons Why You Should Place Your Bets on AC Milan

  1. It’s an Aggressive Squad

There is a reason behind the fact that AC Milan is no longer considered an underdog in soccer. If you look at the quotes in sports, betting apps recommended by Gamblerzz, you would realize that the team is mostly predicted to win its games. Those predictions are based on the club’s performance over the last few months. The strong squad contributed to the great results.

This year, the team has Zlatan Ibrahimovi?. After a short adventure in the USA, the soccer star returned to Italy. He immediately showed his value by scoring Milan’s first goal in the opening match against Bologna. When he returned to the games after recovering from COVID-19, Ibrahimovi? scored twice in three minutes in the Derby della Madonnina.

It’s not just Ibrahimovi?, though. Under his guidance, Milan has turned into a team of devils. Their gameplay is aggressive and difficult to stop.

  1. The Club Had a Magnificent Start of the Season

If the club continues with the pace it has imposed at the start of the season, it will deserve its first victory in a decade. Milan started at the top after the very first games, and it has stayed there. By now, the team has won six out of eight games, and it suffered no losses.

This is why, according to all the bookies, Milan’s odds to continue the winning spree are good.

  1. It’s Been a Decade Since Milan’s Last Dominance

In the 2010-11 season, Milan dominated Serie A with 82 points in the rank list. Since then, it has been a downfall. It is about time for the players to regain their motivation and push forward. The have been hungry for dominance for far too long.

Why Bet Online?

We clarified why AC Milan is a smart choice for your bets. Now, let us talk about another issue: why is it better to bet at an online sportsbook?

First, it’s a much more convenient experience. You can place the bet in the middle of the night if you feel inspired to do so. Also it is even easier when you have an app on your phone. But even if you do it through a website, the process is simple.

There is another important reason for betting online: it’s cheaper! You do not have any transportation costs. You would have to go to a bookie to make an in-person bet, and appear there again to collect it. If someone you know sees you, you will have to show some generosity and buy him or her a drink. None of this happens when you bet online!

Let us not forget that you’ll never miss a line or get shut out of a game when you bet online. You don’t have to wait in line. As soon as a line appears, you can bet on it.