Date:14th November 2020 at 3:27pm
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Living a high life is undoubtedly the leverage of having top-end automobile collections—no wonders the football star players drive high-end vehicles. Subsequently, cars are that prominent item Aaron Ramsey enjoys spending expenses on. Here, we can exactly tell which car Aaron Ramsey owns.

Aaron Ramsey owns a Mercedes SLS. Ramsey played for Arsenal for a couple of years, and it’s fair to say he has bagged lots of cash. However, he’s playing for Juventus now. For a reason, if you are wondering, the Mercedes SLS price, the 2015 edition costs around $499,900. If you are keen to buy used Mercedes SLS for cost-cutting, get a Revs check of a vehicle beforehand. The Revs check helps you with the complete history report if a car has been in a severe crash, financial frauds, and victim.

Mercedes SLS

Mercedes SLS is a car that you would spend the lottery earns on, but that should not be the case with Aaron Ramsey. Under the guise, the car has a V8 engine and produces 583 horsepower. The thunderous engine sprints from 0-65 Mph at 3.2 seconds and the top speed you can enjoy with SLS is 199 Mph.  Want to make your car shiny as the car above? A spray car wax will do just the trick. Click on this link for more information:

Here is a brief description of design, performance, and cost:

Design: The key feature of the overall design of Mercedes is SLS is lovely wing doors; they look like wings from 50’s vintage cars. It’s a super aggressive car with a long bonnet, little cabin, and racy outlook. It comes in several colors, and the black edition comes with extra design upgrades. The lower front splitter is coated with carbon fiber and a more giant air intake vent. The SLS is an aerodynamic packed vehicle with side strikes and a fixed rear spoiler. Overall, it’s the hottest car from Mercedes. The interior dashboard is long carbon fiber, and the seats and roof are entirely finished in leather.

Engine: The V8 engine of Mercedes SLS is robust enough to spin you to madness. The engine under the hood looks absolutely beautifully engineered. It’s a mid-engine car rather than a front-engine car for weight distribution.

Safety and technology: The latest flagship SLS is undoubtedly the safest car you would find in the market. The dashboard at the front is where you can control all the driving modes of the car. The cruise control, traction control, airbags are fabulous safety features to have. 

Comfort: The SLS is really a distinctive car to sit. You put yourself in a super comfortable seat and have a substantial flat dash in-front.  The passenger seat is massive, and there is a central cosmic console to separate the driver from the passenger. The carbon bucket sports seats are absolutely comfortable. The ergonomics feel very sporty and complete as well. 

Are you pumped with the features and design of the Mercedes SLS? Go good-goodies. The black series of Mercedes SLS is super rare because only 150 of these babies are made. Therefore, it makes the SLS very collective and expensive.