Vito Doria Date:11th December 2020 at 4:00pm
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Former football coach Fabio Capello has paid tribute to Italy great Paolo Rossi, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 64, and he also jovially said that Diego Maradona and he should train well in heaven before the tactician is deceased.

The 72-year-old worked with Rossi on Italian television before the 1982 World Cup winner had died, and he gave his condolences to the staff at Juventus, where the former striker had two spells as a player.

“My thoughts go out to those at the Juventus training ground, with all that we have said in football terms, to the man that I knew after we worked together on television,” Capello said on Sky Sport Italia.

“You two are playing, you are having fun together Diego and you, train well because when I arrive, I will make you run!”

Rossi, who was the leading goalscorer at the 1982 World Cup, passed away two weeks after Argentina’s 1986 World Cup hero Diego Maradona did.