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For a long time now, sports are embedded in the gambling industry. If you go online, you can find separate sportsbooks where you can bet on matches, as well as casino sites like ?????that offer sports gambling in their list of options. The gambling industry has certainly hitched itself into games such as football, basketball, handball, etc.

Since the pandemic shook the world, the gambling industry has experienced some major changes. Online betting became more popular than ever, especially since many brick-and-mortar casinos and betting stores had to close due to regulations. People feel much safer gambling from their homes, and being able to do this online has made this possible for virtually everyone with an Internet connection.

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In the past couple of months, online gambling has been one of people’s favourite pastimes. This includes playing slots, betting on table games, but also placing wagers on sports matches. Many grand casino websites already added sports betting to their services. If you don’t know one yet, I recommend to take advantage of their great offers for new players. Come visit them to find out, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

The Connection Between Gambling and Sports

When you place a bet by using real money on a sports match, you are basically gambling. Because of this, sports betting is strongly embedded into the gambling industry. Half of the 20 Premier League clubs have at least one gambling sponsor placed on their shirt. Out of 24 clubs in the Championship, 17 have a gambling sponsor.

In most cases, these sponsors are websites that offer betting on matches in addition to other gambling activities such as casino games and scratches, bingo, etc.

In addition to sponsoring teams, gambling companies are often found on signs at stadiums and stands in the form of a sponsor. The popular Stoke City is owned by the same company that owns Bet365 and also has a Bet365 stadium. When you watch football online, you can notice endless gambling logos spread across the field.

Next time you hope onto a gambling website, look around to see what options they have. Use this link to access a casino site that allows for safer and instant deposits and see how many of the top-rated websites also offer sports betting. Even if they don’t, many of them can be seen on matches and commercials.

There are two reasons why gambling companies sponsor sport events. First, it is because they offer betting on such events. Second, it’s because people who love sports frequently gamble on different matches. By definition, these people are more likely to gamble on other games such as the ones they offer.

This is so present in matches that tons of research has been done on the topic. The study that contains three episodes and was aired on BBC highlights the findings by researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London. They discovered that gambling branding and logos appear on screen up to 89% of the show’s running time.

In some countries, such advertising during matches is frowned upon or even forbidden due to the mounting concern that people are being bombarded with ads for gambling. However, people still frequently see such ads before, during, and after matches.

Some companies use more subtle ways to promote their sites. For example, if you visit the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, you’ll get access to a rather fast Wi-Fi connection. But, if you use it, you cannot open other betting sites except for William Hill since the club has made such a deal with this bookmaker.

Players who bet at casinos frequently encounter special offers related to sports matches. This usually happens to VIP players or high rollers. Many casinos offer free match tickets to their most regular players and high rollers. They pay their return flights and provide them with tickets to grand matches as part of the VIP scheme.

People Gambling on Sports Today

Mixing sports with gambling is neither strange nor new. It dates back to ancient Rome where the wealthy class wagered on animal fights, chariot races, and the popular gladiator battles. Then, it moved to Europe in the 16th century where people started betting on wrestling, cockfights, and footraces.

Later in the 18th century, boxing and horse racing became many people’s most popular gambling choice. Starting from the 19th and 20th centuries, the focus was placed on team sports such as football, rugby, basketball, etc.

Today, this gambling industry segment thrives more than ever. Modern sports gambling is available all around us, including many licensed bookmakers found online. It goes without saying that this trend will keep on growing as time passes.

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