Date:7th January 2021 at 3:04pm
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Winning a lottery, and for the first time, is definitely confusing for you for a moment. You don’t feel random or normal. Having close to nothing and then having this much in your pocket is something you have not imagined of. So, you may feel unsettled and confused for some time. But, then you have to secure your wealth.


People from all around the globe, after winning a lottery, what you can do as well with an authority lottery sites guide to play, think of investing it in some useful businesses, and others think of investing their worth in something related to their dreams. People’s goals vary, some people have average goals in the start and after having a heavy wealth in their pockets, Their approach increases. Well, there is nothing bad in dreaming big.

Well Yes! If your dream is to buy a football team then you must have much in your pocket. And you can get all the worth by winning a lottery.

Every Premier League club is anyhow controlled by a single owner or by a group of owners. Football clubs in the UK are recognized as business things hence they have to have an owner. Some Football Premier Leagues that are owned by a single person are:

Arsenal by Stan Kroenke, Chelsia by Roman Abramovich, Spurs by Joe Lewis, and many more.

While the Football leagues that are owned by a group of people are:
Everton by Farhad Moshiri, Bill Kenwright CBE and Jon Woods,  United by the Glazers, Palace by a Consortium of investors, and many more

Is It Possible To Buy One?


Oh! Yes, if you want to buy one all you need is to confidently make an offer to the head of the respective league and wait for the time when your offer is accepted. After an acceptance, there will be a clearance through the owner of the team. That clearance includes a test, known as the “fit and proper test”. The reason for this test is to assure you that you have all the money that you declared. And you have acquired that money through fair terms and conditions.

After passing that test, you can pay the set amount to the owner of the league. Now you can legally be the owner of the league.


Lottery Winners Who Invested In Sports:


Let’s see if there is someone who won the lottery and then bought their dream Football team. You would have never heard about someone who just dreams of catching the jackpot to invest in their beloved Football league. We will be showing you a list lottery winners who bought football clubs and invested in sports.


EuroMillions Winner Sponsored The Football Club Partick Thistle:


A very famous person that has been in the headlines for years is Colin Weir. Yes, you got it! Everybody in Uk is familiar with this guy. He has been a Football Fan. And luckily after winning the EuroMillions jackpot in July 2011, he decided to redirect his sudden Fortune in the way of Sports.


In the year 2012, he provided £750,000 to his local football club. WOW! he was such a passionate follower. EuroMillions hero Colin Weir has made his takeover at Partick Thistle and thinks to grant ownership to fans after a year. Isn’t it amazing? how someone can be so generous.

EuroJackpot Winner Sponsored a Fresh and Encouraging Football Player:


Moving towards the next person, let’s talk about someone who won a 13.5 million € EuroJackpot prize last year. His name is also prominent in the headlines. Guess whom? Lucky Norwegian from Skien chose to place his lottery fortune to great use and he gave a countable contribution to the local football team. Amazing! He is a 63 years old man with great enthusiasm and passion.


After claiming his prize he was so happy to tell that he always desired to do something for the local community and he did so. This much worth, let the team have a lead player Fredrik Semb Berge. This fresh and encouraging player turned out to be the most promising one. If Norwegian didn’t help him, then his team had to sell him due to financial issues. The team is grateful to him and the team has proudly reached the increased levels of skill and achievement.


The UK National Lottery Winner Landed In Local Sports Club:


Gareth and Catherine Bull, after winning the lottery of £40 million in the British National Lottery. They both decided to quit their jobs. They began investing at Debdale Park Sports and Recreational Club. They started paying more extra time at the local club, which actually meant a lot for the community and especially to the children going to the Club.


These lottery winners have shown that money can be put to great use and their wondrous projects have given young players a decent opportunity at getting a proper sports education.