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Football and culture are intertwined and are old practices that people have lived with for a few centuries. The younger generation has come to know football as part of their life and they actively follow the developments of the game almost daily.

There are schools in the EU that specialize in training the young generation on how to perfect football and as part of learning, the students must write essays about sports culture. There are different approaches the students can use to write about football culture. They can even include topics such as Jimmy John Shark.

Talk about the history of football and how people developed it

Joining the college football team feels great because you envision that you will rise to play in the national teams one day. It is not enough just to join your college team but it is essential you understand the history of football.

When writing your essay on sports culture, specifically football, it could add more points if you discuss where football began and how people embraced football then. For some perfect tips on writing essay on sports, you may see these best essay writing service reddit reviews to learn more! Practices and habits form culture and any practice that has lived with the people for over 100 years becomes part of the people’s culture. Do some research and discuss the role of rulers in influencing football culture many generations ago.

Writing essays on football

If you truly need to write a university soccer essay but you lack the necessary skills to write as a player, do not be frustrated, you are not alone. This is the reason why most students utilize premium free essay example site, which compiles hundreds of sample papers on different subjects, in specific sports and football.

WritingBros is the place you can obtain ideas on how to write your essay. Just like the way you improve football through practice, you can use the sport essay sample papers to improve your essay writing on football. The examples are detailed and can help you finish your essay within a short time.

Discuss details about the game

People do not embrace and love a game without concrete reasons. There must be something about how the game is played that makes people become glued and attracted to the game. Discuss the field, positions of the players, pass, off lines, the court, and linesman and so on.

The practice of the game is the source of its deep roots within the society. If you are not sure about the rules, search online or ask an experienced player.

Discuss the evolving football

Many years back in history, football was just a sport like any other. People would compete, feel good and declare winners. Eventually, the ball game became commercialized and the whole culture embraced the game.

That is why today you see expensive stadiums, hundreds of registered football clubs, global competitions and so on. The commercialization of football helped intertwine the game within the EU culture and today, a kid who just learned how to talk can begin discussing football.

Discuss the future of the game briefly

As you write your essay, remember to talk about the future of European football. Culture keeps evolving as new technologies evolve and as new lifestyles evolve. The future of football shall evolve as culture evolves. In your essay writing, mention the people and government involvement in shaping football.

Now with the spread of the pandemic, the entire sports world is witnessing empty stadiums and finding new ways to handle the situation. This can also be an interesting part and you can form winning essays around it on how the tournaments will be played in the future and how the pandemic has disrupted the football world entirely.

To conclude your essay

Conclude your essay and write about your personal opinion about football. This must be based on personal observations or what you have heard others discuss. Your sports culture essay shall not be complete if you forget to cite it. Cite all your information sources and use the correct citation format according to the instructions from your teacher.


Writing an essay is easy if you practice and gain the requisite skills. Soccer is not an exception and like any other topic, it can be conquered if you follow the right ideas, observe the happenings around it deeply, follow the structure and practice it with full dedication. There is no way you won’t be able to deliver the level of work that your college teachers expect from you.

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