Vito Doria Date: 27th February 2021 at 10:11am
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Former AC Milan goalkeeper Marco believes the Rossoneri are the favourites in their Europa League tie against .

The two European giants were drawn against each other on Friday and their first leg encounter will be on 11 March at Old Trafford.

Despite the Rossoneri’s lacklustre form recently, which includes losing three of their last five A games and eliminating Serbian club Red Star on away goals in the Europa League, the 38-year-old is confident that his old team can progress to the Quarter-Finals.

“They will go to face United in way possible,” Amelia told Sky Sport Italia. “In flashes, I believe that Milan have played well in even in this recent spell.

“The Manchester United manager has lots of options, they have a good mix of young and experienced players. I believe that on a level playing field though, I have lots of confidence in Milan despite their current form.

“The Rossoneri also have a good mix of and veterans in the squad. Despite the strength of Manchester United, I see Milan as the favourites.”