Five Ways to Encourage College Students to Love Football

Date: 3rd February 2021 at 1:45am
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Most modern college students like living sedentary lifestyles. They would rather stay at home and play video games instead of participating in physical sporting activities. That, coupled with the foods they take, make them add weight. Consequently, they become susceptible to different ailments, including heart complications.

Colleges are finding it hard to motivate students to like sports. For example, most students do not like football. What strategies can college administrations use to motivate their students to like football and other sports? Here are the most practical tips that can help:

Allow Students to Choose the Positions They Want to Play

Football has different playing positions. For example, a quarterback is there to throw the ball and act as the team leader. The wide receiver has to catch the ball and elude defenders. The contribution of every player ensures a team secures the results it wants.

Some colleges force students to play certain positions. As a result, students feel like they are not in control of what they are doing. Therefore, they prefer not to play the game. Those in charge should thus avoid doing that to motivate students and attract more participants to the sport.

How should colleges help students in this respect? Allow students to play any position they are comfortable with. If students do not know what they are good at, they should be encouraged to experiment with any position. It will help them discover positions they can play well. Additionally, football coaches should guide these learners to realize their potential.

Recruit the Right Football Coaches for Colleges

Coaches play a big role in sporting outcomes. They are the ones who manage teams and steer them in the right direction. Their motivation can help students to reach their real footballing potential. Colleges should be careful about the coaching staff they recruit.

When a college has the right football coach, students feel comfortable playing sports. Harsh or incompetent coaches drive students away from the sport. Recruit coaches depending on the goal the college intends to achieve in football.

What are the best hiring practices that colleges should adopt to achieve the best results? Students should suggest who they want to be their football coach. Incorporate their suggestions during the recruitment process. That way, you can find someone who can take the needs of the students who love football into consideration.

Create a Favorable College Schedule for Students

Most college students always have questions like, “who will write my essay?” It is because they have many assignments to complete. The tasks have strict submission deadlines, and students feel they cannot complete them on time. It is these tasks that, at times, prevent students from participating in sporting activities, including football.

Colleges should create a more wholesome schedule. Although academics is an essential part of college work, it should not take up all the time available for students. What are the methods college administrators can use to make football popular on this front?

  • Give assignments with long deadlines so that students can comfortably complete them and still play football
  • Make football a compulsory part of college work
  • Create a schedule that includes football

Enlighten Students About the Importance of Playing Football

Students do not want to engage in games that do not offer any value to them. They want the surety that they gain something from a given activity. As soon as they start playing the game and notice that it is not helping them, they may leave. It is the responsibility of the college to inform students about the importance of football.

What are some benefits of playing football? It is a physical sport, which means participants can become fit, strong, and flexible. Playing football also helps students to relieve stress and become wholesome. Therefore, it is a sport that students should not overlook.

Organize Football Tournaments and Competitions

Students love an intriguing sport. They leave any boring sport. Therefore, colleges should ensure they make football as interesting as possible for students.

Begin by organizing football competitions. The teams that win these tournaments should receive awards. It could be a trophy or money. It goes a long way in encouraging students to participate in football activities.

Signing Off

Football is a good game for students. Colleges should find ways to encourage students to love it. Give students the freedom to choose what they like, recruit good coaches, participate in college football schedule, and enlighten students about football. Also, competitive tournaments should be organized.


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