Vito Doria Date: 3rd February 2021 at 2:17am
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Former and defender Fabio Galante has said that he would like 11 footballers in a team who would be like coach during his playing days.

The play the Grifone away on Saturday evening in and the 47-year-old believes that they are facing Il Vecchio Balordo at the wrong time.

“Gattuso’s lads will have to win at all costs, in spite of the Rossoblu, who since has returned, have flourished again,” Galante told Radio 1 Station.

“For it would have been better to meet the Ligurians two months ago.”

Gattuso had a reputation for being a tenacious and hard-working midfielder for and but Galante would try and make him lose focus.

“I, on the pitch, used to make jokes and make fun of both my teammates and opponents, and when it was his turn he got very angry, to the point that I always had to explain to him that I was joking,” Galante said.

“I laughed a lot on the pitch, but he was always serious and focused. If I were a coach, I would like 11 Gattusos on the pitch.”