Vito Doria Date: 13th February 2021 at 2:42pm
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Former president has said that the can win the title despite their off-field dilemmas.

The Biscione are reportedly in financial strife and the majority stakeholders the Group are having difficulty bringing capital in.

However, the 75-year-old is confident that coach can keep the squad focused on playing football and not worry about the financial situation.

“Inter’s corporate situation is dictated by the Chinese economy, where the laws may change from time to time and local entrepreneurs have found themselves in difficulties,” Moratti told Radio Sei.

“For my part, there is great respect for this club, which is looking for intelligent solutions to move the team forward, but on our part there is no desire to intervene.

“There are many factors that count as an advantage, but there is also an economic fact that leads certain teams to be acquired only by funds or large international companies with also marketing purposes.

“I think this team can win the Scudetto, Antonio Conte’s work is aimed at this. If he manages to isolate the team from club issues, could do it.”