Tips and Guidelines for College Football Gear

Date: 16th February 2021 at 1:07am
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Compared to other disciplines, football can be considered a symbol of determination, nerve, and solidarity. It’s also among the roughest and most hands-on games that anyone can participate in. As such, injuries and accidents are inevitable. To be safe, you must ensure your equipment is in the right condition to protect you and enhance your performance.

So what factors determine your frequency of purchase? And what areas should you look at first when shopping to ensure you end up with excellent quality football gear? This short-read offers all you need to know.

How Often Should You Buy New Football Gear

Typically, there’s no right time to replace your football gear. But whether you notice any signs of wear or not, it’s always advisable to replace it often. Besides, the standard game comprises heavy tumbles; hence you must always have the kit in its optimal condition.

Here are other primary factors that determine whether to get yourself a new set of football gear:

  • Wear – Football accessories must be replaced even before it begins wearing down. If the gear can no longer absorb shock as expected, it’ll diminish its safety value. So ensure you inspect your gear daily to detect any signs of wear in advance.
  • Outgrowth – Even when you’re in the university, you may likely experience body growth, especially now that you’re physically active. Always watch out for outgrowth and replace any gear that no longer fits.
  • Expiration – Whether your gear wears down or tears, a rule of the thumb is that you replace the items every three years. Once your gear exceeds the timeframe, it’s less likely to serve you optimally. Always get yourself a new set before you hit the ground.
  • Design improvements – New design improvements could render your gear outdated. For instance, the late 2000s saw the advent of the air-filled helmet shock absorbers, which were more protective and comfortable. As a result, most sportspersons had to migrate to the new product.

The reasons above may prompt you to get yourself a new set of football gear like those quality football pants. However, there’s still another hurdle of choosing the right brand for sufficient coziness and fortification.

Factors That Determine Your Choice of Football Gear

Every gaming gear offers an array of brand alternatives to choose from. With all these options displayed in enticing commercials, it may be hard to settle on a preferred brand. Tastes vary, but these consideration factors are standard across all football players.

Store Reputation

It’s important to confirm whether you’re dealing with a reliable supplier. Just like those websites where you buy an essay, a trustworthy agency will always have a reputation to uphold, hence never compromise quality. Go for agencies with sufficient industry experience as they understand the best products and customer needs. The store should also meet the appropriate state or federal licensing requirements. This way, you can be sure that you’re buying the original things.

Football Gear Quality

You want to get the most out of your investment, but never mistake cheap for the value. Super-attractive deals in second-hand stores and unpopular websites might draw you, but always ensure that you’ve ascertained the item’s quality standards. It might be cheap but won’t last, hence forcing you to shop again. Always ensure you go for superior products as they not only offer value, but you’ll get the optimal protection. What’s more, quality equipment might boost your performance.


Most people overlook this vital consideration but never make the mistake of ignoring the assurance part of your accessories. A warranty indicates the manufacturer’s commitment to quality, so you shouldn’t miss out on this. You want to get value from your investment, so always go for brands that promise years of warranty.


Truly valuable football gear must pass through successive manufacturer tests to meet the quality thresholds. Most companies test all their products before they’re shipped out to ascertain their durability and ability to absorb shock. However, not all manufacturers conduct these vital trials. So check for labels that confirm these tests.


The last factor is also among the primary considerations. You want to acquire a quality product without straining your pockets. As such, make sure you’ve compared the different product prices versus the quality to see which ones are likely to offer value for your dime. You can also visit multiple equipment stores and determine which ones have reasonable rates. However, remember that this should not be the sole consideration.

From the above tips, you now understand when to begin shopping for new football gear and the key considerations to have in mind when looking for a reliable supplier of quality products.


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