Has Serie A re-established itself among the Top 3 leagues in Europe?

Date: 16th March 2021 at 5:53pm
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Serie A, also known as Serie A TIM, has steadily risen to the world’s top leagues. It is a professional football league that involves several Italian football clubs. All these teams have a huge name in Italy and all over the world. The league has been in operation for over 90 years and has often been described as the most tactical and defensive leagues. According to recent research done by IFFHS, Serie A is the world’s strongest national league. It ranks in the top 5 leagues together with big names such as Bundesliga, Premier League, and Europa League. Watched worldwide, the league is among the most entertaining and betted on leagues.

Serie A League System

Serie A has been in existence since 1939 and has a reputation for fielding the biggest teams worldwide. Its clubs have got 12 titles, and this contributes to its popularity. The Serie A-League has 20 teams from Italy, and the team with the most points after 38 always wins the title. In the Serie A league system, teams must play each other twice in a round-robin format, once at home and once away.

Beginning of the Season

During the season matches are played every weekend except for a planned break for the international fixtures. During this time, the games are played throughout the season. Typically, two games are played on Saturday evenings, whereby one is an early kick-off and the other late kick-off. All the other matches are played on Sundays and Mondays. There also exist midweek fixtures at intermittent timelines throughout the entire season and are played on Wednesday evenings and the other fixtures on Thursday.

First Half of the Season

During the first half of the season, teams will play each other only once, culminating in 19 matches. In Ritorno, commonly known as the second half, these teams will play each other in the same order (as the first half) but with the home and away situations reversed. Three points are awarded for a win in every game, one for a draw, and none for conceding defeat. If two teams tie on these points, they will have to play head-to-head to break the tie. After the head-to-head session, if the goal difference is still the same, the overall goal difference will be used from all the fixtures in the season to create a separation.

What Makes Serie A stand out?

Besides the perfect organisation in the league, several other reasons make Serie A stand out as a strong league in Europe and the world. Let’s explore them.

The Teams are History Makers

With big names such as Juventus in the league, you can be sure that the league will be exciting. Juventus has won over nine titles in a row and continue to amaze its fans. Luckily for casual viewers, former world-class teams like Inter Milan & AC Milan have been massively on the rise this season making the title race much more exciting than it was in previous years. If they can hold on to that form throughout the next years or even improve their performances even more, Juventus, AC Milan & Co will be able to live up to previous successes from 1990-2010.


Fans watch games for different reasons. It could be the team’s prowess or a particular player. Research has it that the 2020 season had an increased viewership due to Atalanta. The team reached its premium level after finishing in third place for the second time in a row trashing teams like Torino FC 7:0. Even though the team has lost players like Timothy Castagne and Papu Gomez, it is expected to maintain that oomph and field prowess. The popular football statistics platform Kickform also predicts that Atalanta will be able to qualify for the Champions League once more while Inter Milan has the clear edge of winning the league this year. Luis Muriel plays an important role in Atalantas success by not only scoring lots of goals but also assisting his teammates’ goals regularly.

A Rise for the New Generation

The old generation is gone, and the new wave of young talents is expected to take Serie A by a storm. Players such as Sandro Tonali, Victor Osimhen, and Asharaf Hakimi will revolutionise football playing in the Italian league. Juventus recently welcomed Dejan Kulusevski as Swede and already brought in Matthijs De Ligt and Merih Demiral a few years ago. Other teams have also had signings of new young talents.


Serie A has re-established itself and now fits well among the top 3 leagues in Europe. With the perfect formations, tactical, and defensive playing, these Serie A teams have shown a commitment to their football course and deserve a seat at the high table for the top 3 leagues in Europe and worldwide.


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