Tacopina: I’ve spoken to Papu Gomez about returning to Catania

Date: 26th March 2021 at 7:55am
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Soon-to-be Catania president Joe Tacopina plans to bring Papu Gomez back to Italy and to Sicily.

The ex-Atalanta forward played with Catania before briefly leaving Italy for Ukraine and the Italian–American, who has previously held roles at Roma, Bologna and Venezia, plans to lure him back to Sicily.

“I’ve spoken to Papu actually, when I was looking at Catania he was one of the guys I reached out to of course,” Tacopina told The Italian Football Podcast. “We joked about that [him coming to Catania] but I wasn’t really joking.

“As long as he can still run and isn’t completely crippled by the time I close this deal, we would love to have him, that would be a great thing. We want him to have an impact there. That would be a dream for Catania fans.

“Already next year, the level of the players we’ve got agreeing or wanting to come to Catania to play with us is really going to be extraordinary. It’s going to be outside the level of competition. So it should be an exciting year next year.”


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