What Is GamStop: An Overview Of The Self-Exclusion Tool

Date: 27th March 2021 at 2:34pm
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When you realize you spend most of your time gambling and decide to stop for a few months or so, then a self-exclusion tool is the one you need. This tool lets you ask for gambling companies online to technically “exclude” you from their premises. Indeed, you will save money through this method because you cannot reverse a signed agreement.

If you force yourself to enter the said premises, the company owner will take steps against you to prevent you from entering. But, it only works during the self-exclusion agreement. Now, if you are curious about the tools you can rely on, one of the most trusted is GamStop.

The Introduction And Registration 

If you live within the borders of Great Britain, then you probably come across this tool. It’s pretty popular, especially among people who give their opinion. In case you’re not familiar with GamStop – the UK’s self-exclusion scheme, it’s basically a site that is most effective in guiding active gamblers. It’s one of the most excellent tools to combat addiction.

You have to create an account and provide all essential information to track your gambling habits, including all your online data and statements from different money-betting companies. After which, GamStop immediately bans you from all the websites, including casinos, during the entire duration of the agreement. Simply put, it keeps you away from wasting more money.

Usually, the options you can choose from for the time-frame include six months, one year, and five years before you can start accessing the said gambling sites again. Depending on how much you want to detox from the addiction, the period is solely up to you. However, it is advisable not to go back unless you have a more stable income and a healthier lifestyle.

Verification Of Your Identity

GamStop is serious in its aim to let you change your life by quitting gambling addiction. Thus, one of the steps it does is verify your identity to make sure you are also willing to adhere to its regulations. When you submit your data, they will require you to state the following clearly:

  • Your full name, including your title if there is any
  • Complete address, with the postcode included
  • Date of birth
  • Contact number
  • Email address, including your family’s accounts

Once the tool recognizes your information, there will be security questions you have to answer. GamStop uses a third-party verification system under the TransUnion provider but is subject to change whenever it decides to do so. With this, they make sure you are not committing fraud and that you sign up for yourself and not any other person.

Can I Break The Self-Exclusion Agreement?

Technically, with the use of this tool, you cannot break the agreement. The only option you have is to wait for the time frame to finish, and once it does, you directly contact GamStop and wait for them to terminate the settlement. You should wait for one week at most before you can return to the gambling scene. 

However, if you cannot hold on that long and decide to rely on anonymous gambling websites, you should inform GamStop. This way, they will discuss with you the possible consequences. No worries, since they do yet require you to pay any fine. And the company is not also liable for the amount you spend during the said time frame. 


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