Zapata shares love of Bergamo and its people

Date: 25th March 2021 at 12:42pm
Written by:

Duvan Zapata has expressed his love for all things Italian and reserved special praise for Atalanta fans as he continues to enjoy his time in Serie A.

The 29-year-old La Dea striker has spoken highly of Italy but in particular the city of Bergamo and its inhabitants.

“Atalanta have an extremely passionate fan base,” Zapata told the Colombian national team’s channels.

“Usually [in Italy] the people in the North are a lot colder than those in the South – who remind me of South Americans in many ways – but Bergamo is an exception.

“Italy has been great for me and my family and we are really enjoying our lives here.”

The Colombian forward also pointed towards his love of Italian food – which is likely to come as music to the ears of most food-obsessed Italians – even though he often wants for some of Colombia’s traditional cuisine.

“Of course I miss certain dishes but Italy is a real food paradise,” Duvan added. “They have wonderful, traditional dishes in each and every region, as we do in Colombia.”


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