Atalanta ultras happy to see Inter, Milan and Juventus leave Serie A

Date: 19th April 2021 at 11:59pm
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The Associazione Tifosi Atalantini, an association consisting of all the Atalanta fan groups, has said that they would prefer the big three of Italy to leave Serie A and for La Dea to play against other provincial clubs with loyal fanbases.

Despite the northern Italian club becoming regular qualifiers for Europe under coach Gian Piero Gasperini, they are fully opposed to the idea of the European Super League and they would rather play against their southern counterparts than have anything else to do with the big three.

“As Atalanta fans we have a concept of football that is as far away from the thoughts of [Juventus president] Andrea Agnelli and company as possible,” read a statement on the ATA website.

“Our wish? May the Super League move forward. You read that right, we didn’t go crazy all of a sudden.

“We hope that Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter will play in their Super League and leave Serie A and the European Cups forever.

“Keep the Super League, the super television rights, the modern stadiums, the seats and let us play with our “minor” opponents, perhaps in less beautiful stadiums, but still animated by a passion for football and not for money.

“How nice it would be if your place in Serie A were destined for places such as Palermo, Catania, Catanzaro, Lecce, Bari, Avellino, Vicenza, Como, Cremonese, Pisa and so on …

“Places that have made the history of football a popular passion in Italy. It is not a provocation, go ahead, it would be wonderful.

“Atalantini Supporters Association.”


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