Parma reveal new stadium plans

Date: 6th April 2021 at 1:17pm
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Parma have revealed their plans to renovate the Stadio Ennio Tardini.

The club, led by president Kyle Krause, have been working closely with the city’s mayor Federico Pizzarotti, and architect Alessandro Zoppini to draw up their plans for their home, which has been inspired by some of the city’s most notable attractions.

The plans were presented on Tuesday, with the club sharing a video that detailed how the newly designed home would look. Vice mayor Marco Bosi did, however, explain that the wouldn’t be “officially lodged” for another month.

“The Tardini has stood in its place for 100 years, [it’s] a proud symbol of Parma and its people,” said Krause in a statement issued by the club. “We recently began a journey to ensure that it remains here, reimagined and regenerated, for another century.

“We aim to give the city of Parma a modern, multifunctional space that can be enjoyed by all, with the utmost attention being given to the needs of the neighbourhood. I am proud of this project and I cannot wait to support the team in our new Tardini for many decades to come.”

Renovating or rebuilding stadiums in Italy is something that other clubs – notably Fiorentina and Roma – have found hard to get over the line, but the Crociati have the support of city mayor Pizzarotti.

“The process to get the new stadium, which has reached an important stage, will require the involvement of everybody: citizens and the various leaders in the city, Parma Calcio and the local government,” Pizzarotti said. “We have always maintained that the realisation of the new stadium has to be a journey shared with the club and with local residents, and it will continue to be just that.

“The dream is to renovate the Tardini, integrating it even more into the local area and the city, and bring it to life through a project that falls completely under the banner of sustainability and environmental quality. I want to thank Parma Calcio and my fellow citizens; this is an alliance that benefits all of Parma.”


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