Survey shows Italian fans to be against Super League, belief that financial gain was the motivation for clubs

Date: 22nd April 2021 at 2:21pm
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The vast majority of Italian football fans believe that the flopped Super League’s creation was driven by clubs’ financial interests, with less than ten percent of supporters being of the opinion that fans’ interests were at heart.

The Super League, which was only announced on Sunday night and was to include Juventus, Inter and AC Milan as Italy’s representatives, collapsed on Tuesday following the withdrawal of all six English clubs, which then prompted Inter to pull out on Wednesday, while AC Milan also issued a statement that they believe distanced themselves from the project.

In a survey conducted by YouGov, Italian football fans were asked for their thoughts on the Super League, and the results showed that a considerable number were against the idea.

Largely against the Super League

The survey found that 24 percent of Italian football fans were opposed to the creation of a Super League, while 24 percent were strongly opposed to the idea.

On the other side, 27 percent were in favour, and just eight percent were strongly in favour of the idea.

When it came to fans of the three clubs involved – Inter, Milan and Juventus – a total of 40 percent of fans surveyed were open to the idea, whereas just 25 percent of supporters of other clubs saw the proposal of a Super League as a good idea.

Again, there was more interest among fans of Juve, Inter and Milan when it came to the idea of sitting down to watch a Super League match. Forty-nine percent of their supporters said that they would have an interest in watching the Super League, while only 29 percent of fans of other clubs said the same.

Motivated by money

When it came to the reasons driving the creation of the Super League, there was little doubt among fans that the clubs’ motivation was largely monetary.

Seventy-two percent of fans believed that finances were the driving force, while 71 percent of fans of Milan, Inter and Juventus were of that opinion. Of other clubs’ fans, 76 percent were of the opinion that the motivation was for financial gain.

Only nine percent of Italian football fans believed that fans’ interests were a factor in the Super League’s creation.


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