The 2020/21 Fight for Serie A Glory 

Date: 22nd April 2021 at 2:12pm
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While there’s no denying that the English Premier League is one of the top European soccer competitions, the Italian Serie A is a close contender, with the euro 2021 bonus for fans this summer. The two European football competitions may have similarly large fanbases, but Serie A is arguably the more contested one.

One aspect of the Italian competition that showcases this is the hotly contested top flight. As the competition nears its end, there’s a mix of emotions with all teams struggling to compete in Europe next season. While Juventus has been a dominant force in the top Italian football league, they have faced immense competition this season, and things may not go their way this time.

Coming from an action-packed weekend, Inter leads the league table with nine points clear of the runners-up. Even so, with a few games remaining, AC Milan, Juventus, Atalanta, and Roma are all eyeing the top spot. Similarly, the fight for the top goal scorers in Serie A is also a hotly contested battle.

For this reason, it’s safe to say that despite how late in the season it is, Serie A is far from over. Neutrals are certainly getting their money’s worth with all the intense action in the league while fans and players wait with bated breath for each match. For those who can’t wait to see how things turn out, here’s a look at how the top teams in Serie A may fare.


The famous black and blue side of Milan are at it once again. Having been unlucky in the previous season, ending it only a few points shy of Scudetto glory, Inter is determined to bring the title to Milan. I Nerazzurri extended their lead in the league table after taking a point from a one-all draw against Napoli on Sunday.

This stalemate placed the leaders nine points clear as the end draws nigh for Italy’s top football league. Inter have had excellent form over the last few weeks, recording an impressive unbeaten run of eleven games. With such momentum, Internazionale could be looking at a title win at the end of the season.


With nine consecutive Serie A titles, you can’t disregard The Old Lady as a title contender, regardless of its league position. As Andre Pirlo takes charge of the Turin giants, he’s determined to clinch the decade-long domination of Italian football.

Although the Juventus legend has never been at the helm of any top league club before, he has a great deal of experience in Italy and a lot on his shoulders. Moreover, given that Juventus is full of immense football talent from the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, there’s a good chance for them to get to the top.

AC Milan

I Rossoneri are coming from a pretty disappointing season, having finished sixth in the 2019/20 season. Even so, a new dawn is upon San Siro. Under the guidance of the experienced Stefano Pioli, AC Milan has maintained good form throughout the season. Looking at their last five league fixtures, I Rossoneri seems confident enough to end the season on a high note.

With three victories, one draw with Sampdoria, and a defeat against Napoli, the AC Milan camp should be able to close the nine-point gap between them and the league leaders. Moreover, Milan has a fair share of considerably easy fixtures that could shift things in their favor.


La Dea is yet another worthy contender for Italian football glory. Atalanta is in the best form among the top four Serie A title candidates. The club has maintained an impressive five out of five wins over the last few weeks, propelling it to third place, two points behind AC Milan. With its latest victory being a home win over The Old Lady, Gian Piero Gasperini’s side will be looking to continue their charge to the top.


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