How to keep yourself entertained whilst the league is on its summer break

Date: 15th May 2021 at 12:47am
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While we’d all love the leagues like the Serie A to last all year round, they have to end at some point. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have the drama of who will face relegation and the excitement of one team being able to lift the winner’s trophy. Luckily, there is still a lot of sporting fun you can have while the league isn’t being played for a few months. Here’s a look at some of the ways to keep yourself entertained while the league is on its summer break.

Watch the players in action in the Euro 2020 tournament

Normally if a year ends with an odd number, there’s very little football action going on during the summer months. That’s because the Euros and World Cup competitions are only held every four years, with the gap in-between each tournament scheduled to land on a year ending in an odd number. This year is different, though, as we’ve still got the Euro 2020 competition to look forward to after it was delayed last year. This delay means it’s the longest that any of us have had to wait for a major international football competition for quite some time, including the players themselves. As many of the international teams will be out of practice, it’s highly likely to throw up some surprises. While Italy have lifted the trophy a couple of times and even made it to the final as recent as 2012, there’s no guessing where they’ll finish this time around. While betting websites are trying their best to predict who will win this year’s tournament, it’s highly likely that some of the Euro 2020 odds could change massively as soon as the first ball of the tournament is kicked.

Try managing your own team

While football might not always be happening in reality, it doesn’t mean you have to stop following it. If you fancy a go at experiencing what it’s like to be a manager, why not download the massively popular and often addictive Football Manger computer game. While the game hasn’t changed too much over the years, many people still claim it’s one of the most fun football-based games to play out there on the market.

Keep an eye on the latest transfer news

While the players might be taking some time off the pitch, it doesn’t mean that their team’s coaches and their agents are taking some time off as well. The end of the season is ultimately the busiest time when it comes to conversations about buying and selling players. Although many players and managers won’t want to discuss who they want to bring to their team until the contract is signed, a lot of these so-called private discussions still make it into the press. To make sure you’re up to date with all the latest transfer news, make sure you follow all of the biggest football journalists on social media. Also, make sure you’re following the team’s official accounts, as this is where the official announcements are likely to appear first.


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