5 Top Tips on Becoming a Professional Footballer

Date: 30th July 2021 at 9:17pm
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Are you an aspiring footballer wondering what you need to do to realize this dream? Here are some top tips on becoming a pro footballer.

Start Young

Starting to play football at a young age is the best way to increase your chances of becoming a professional footballer. However, it is important to point out that starting at an older age does not in any way diminish your chances of becoming a pro.

The reason why starting young is recommended stems from the “10,000-hour concept.” The concept is based on the idea that for one to master a given skillfully, they must spend at least 10,000 hours practicing. This is the only way they can fully master the ability and execute it perfectly every time they perform the skill.

Therefore, where kids start playing football at a young age, they give themselves enough time to master the skill before becoming adults. As an aspiring footballer, you understand that young and skilled footballers are always in demand. Therefore, it gives ample time to master the skills needed to succeed at the big stage.

This makes starting to practice the sport at a young age advantage for the player. However, if you feel you might be a little older, do not give up. There are plenty of other things you can do to make it to the professional stage. Read on to find out more.

Train Regularly

If you want to become a professional footballer, understand that you need to live and breathe the sport. This means that you should devote most of your free time to practicing your skills to improve yourself.

However, even though you need to dedicate most of your time to football, it does not mean neglecting other important stuff such as school. Attending to your school assignments as well as other daily chores is a must. You just need to make football a priority during your free time.

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Join a Team

As we have mentioned above, you need to train regularly to hone your skills. However, understand that football is a team sport. This means that even though there are those skills, you can practice by yourself and become good at (i.e., taking free kicks), the majority of the sport requires you to train and play with others.

Keep in mind that by this, we do not mean getting a group of your friends every evening and playing a friendly. Instead, you need to join a professional football academy. The facilities and coaches that these academies will expose you to will greatly boost your chances of becoming a professional footballer.

Joining a professional football academy and playing games is the best way to get spotted by scouts and be on your way to becoming a pro. Subsequently, a top tip for any aspiring pro footballer is only to stay at a club if you feel like you are getting quality education and training. However, where this is not the case, do not be afraid to leave.

Be Ready to Make Sacrifices

Like with everything good in life, becoming a pro footballer does not come easy. You not only have to be dedicated to the sport, but you also have to make some sacrifices along the way. Remember, while having talent is always important, the amount of work you put in to perfect your skills is ultimately more important.

This means that you need to be willing to make sacrifices like staying after practice to work on your skills or forgoing a night out to watch classic matches to learn how to perform certain maneuvers from top players. Understand that it would be very difficult for you to realize your dreams if you are not willing to sacrifice.

Get an Agent

Getting the best deal or joining the team of your dreams is not only determined by your skill level. The kind of connections you have in the football world also comes into play. This is why you need to get yourself an agent. Agents form the most important lines of communication in the pro football world.

Your agent will be able to advertise your skills even to scouts who haven’t heard of you yet. This increased exposure will help you get to your desired football club quicker. But, on the other hand, your agent will play the role of ensuring you get the best deal possible. Therefore, as an aspiring pro footballer, ensure that you get yourself one.

The above tips are designed to help you understand what you need to do to realize your dream of becoming a pro footballer. However, the most important thing to remember is that if you really want it and are willing to work for it, then the chances are that you will achieve it. Good luck with your endeavors.


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