Allegri Returns to Bring the Bianconeri Back to Top

Date: 30th July 2021 at 10:01am
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After a two-year retirement from management, one of the top European coaches, Massimiliano Allegri, returns to manage his star team, Juventus. The coach plans to use Ronaldo and Dybala a lot, to reclaim the Serie A title, and to win the Champions League.

The news of Massimiliano Allegri returning to the Allianz stadium comes amidst the doubts about the future of Christiano Ronaldo at Juventus. Meanwhile, Giorgio Chiellini plans to sign a 2-year deal with the team – and also ask for a pay rise.

For Want of a Miracle

In 2021 season Juventus struggled to reach the top four of the Series A. The last-minute win secured the team a chance to play in the next season’s Champions League. In 2019-2021, under the management of Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo, the Old Lady saw some of the top players leave, while the entire team has become decidedly younger. Now with Allegri coming back as the coach, fans and bookmakers are looking forward to Juventus’s renaissance.

Allegri had already worked miracles once: in his first stint at Juventus in 2014-2019 the team reached Champions League Final twice. He faces no small task again. First, the team plans to reclaim the Supercoppa Italiana that Juventus held for nine consecutive seasons but lost to Internazionale in 2021. Second, Juve has to win their third Champions League. After all, this is what the management bought Ronaldo for.

Although Pirlo managed to rebuild the core of the team after losing some key players, Allegri plans to reinstate his tactical approach. The versatility has been the hallmark of his management between 2014 and 2019. This approach saw Allegri applying the best qualities of his players to the game’s demands. Juventus easily swapped shapes between 3-5-2, 4-3-3, and 4-2-3-1. They also turned from aggressive field play to more tactical football, concentrating on owning the ball. Apart from making the team practically invincible, such tactics also allowed each player to regularly occupy different positions in the field.

Setting Sights on the Champions Final

Allegri, 53, has earned himself a place in the Italian Football Hall of Fame in 2018. He is one of the most successful coaches and is the only European coach to have won a domestic double for four consecutive seasons. Following a 2-year retirement from management, he is now expected to shape the new Juventus that will be able to reclaim the old status as the top Italian team.

In his first press conference upon a new management deal, Allegri claimed that he turned down an offer from Real Madrid to come back to The Old Lady. He then shared his ideas of raising the game bar. His mention of a talk with Ronaldo stirs the rumours about the Portuguese future at Turin. Ronaldo’s humongous paycheck of €112 mln apparently meant that his scoring ability could catapult Juve to their third Champions League title. This didn’t happen, however. Some critics were quick to point out that a star-studded team is not a means to winning titles, and fans seem to agree.

Allegri, though, is clearly going to let Ronaldo have another go before his contract expires. The coach said he was planning to give more responsibility to the Portuguese. Christiano is fit and has a lot of experience, and the coach is looking to rotate the team and involve each player. With Ronaldo’s contract expiring in June 2022, this may be the last season when Juve fans will see him in the Italian field, but it may be his best season yet.

Same goes for Paulo Dybala who may be appointed a vice-captain. Allegri believes Dybala can make the difference, as he can take free kicks. The 27-year-old Argentinian also seems to be keen to stay at Turin, and his agent has already arrived for talks. Dybala’s contract also expires in June 2022.

Chiellini Comes, Buffon Goes

In other news, Giorgio Chiellini is going to enter negotiations for a 2-year contract with Juventus that might see him going to Qatar in 2022. Chiellini thrilled the football fans with his performance as a goalkeeper and Italy’s captain in UEFA EURO 2020. However, his contract with Juventus expired in June 2021, so he won the trophy an as unemployed player. He plans to negotiate a new deal and also ask for a rise to €5 mln. His previous salary was €3,5 mln, but The Old Lady is believed to decline the rise as the team is trying to lower the overall wage bill.

Gianluigi Buffon, 42, a star goalkeeper who spent 19 years at Juventus, has left the club for the Serie B Parma where he began his career. He hopes to help bring Parma back to Serie A and also to play at World Cup in 2022.


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