Vito Doria Date: 9th July 2021 at 3:30pm
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Italian coaching legend and former manager has praised coach Roberto Mancini for creating a united squad while also pointing out the flaws of England.

Gli and the Three Lions play each other in the Final on Sunday evening, and in addition to analysing both squads, he praised Italian goalkeeper as well as criticising his English counterpart Jordan Pickford.

“I was struck by the attitude of the team,” Il Corriere dello Sport.

“There is unity, spirit of sacrifice, and the absence of selfishness and personalism.

“Roberto [Mancini] did an extraordinary job of selecting the players. He is a coach who understands footballers, unlike many of his colleagues.

also has the best goalkeeper in the world, while cannot say the same. Pickford did not do well in the league.”

Capello does not rate the English midfield or believe that the Three Lions have a great team, but their defensive solidarity as well as having up front could make a difference.

“It can be done, is an interesting team, but not a great team yet,” he said.

“In midfield, they don’t have much quality. All they have are people who work, strong, aggressive, dangerous on the wins.

“The novelty is that they defend well, prevail physically, and with speed. Then they have the best centre-forward at the Euros, Kane.”