Date: 10th September 2021 at 1:41pm
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has once again taken it upon himself to name drop a high-profile footballer, with the latest to come under criticism from the retired striker.

The former Serie A journeyman recently spoke out about Lazio’s by stating: “He doesn’t know how to play football… he’s scared to receive the ball and when he gets it, he doesn’t want it,” and now he’s turned his attention to Ribery.

Cassano, 39, is just one year Ribery’s senior and has spoken out about the Frenchman’s decision to join newly-promoted Salernitana, even hinting at something untoward happening around the move.

“Something strange went on,” Cassano told BoboTv on Twitch. “It’s what I said last time and what I’m saying again.

“I’m not attacking Ribery. He’s a world-class professional, but I don’t understand why he’s chosen to go to a club [Salernitana] that’s going to fight to avoid relegation to Serie B.

“He’s such a great champion, but I don’t get his decision. That’s it”.