Gary Neville and Graeme Souness assess top teams after opening weekend

Date: 13th September 2021 at 9:10pm
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Man City, Man United, Chelsea, and Liverpool are anticipated to compete for the title in what many have called a four-team race. Following his return to Chelsea, Neville identified Romelu Lukaku as a significant figure adding that Paul Pogba needs to have “one amazing season” before leaving Man United when the season finishes.

After nearly 18 months of fanless play, the football season kicks off with plenty to remind the fans what they have missed. 

Pundits Gary Neville and Graeme Souness are almost as famous as the players themselves with their entertaining opinions and insight into the beautiful game, offering their knowledge about the current season, including the premier league highlights.

Will Pogba propel Man United to the title?

The expectation is that Pogba will leave Man United next summer, but there is some speculation that his contract’s extension depends on this season’s scoreboard.

The pundits disagree on the future of Pogba, but they agree that if he signs a new deal, it will be between three to five years, which means he will spend the most notable part of his career with Man U. 

Gary Neville, co-owner of Salford City, believes Paul Pogba hasn’t any intention of staying on and wants to move on and play somewhere else. Nevill goes on to say in his opinion, the way Pogba has played recently has made this apparent for the past few years. 

While Manchester United and Pogba’s agent are in talks, nothing has been agreed, meaning the results of this season will seal or stall Pogba’s time at the club.

While it seems like Pogba is the only player that anyone at Man United is talking about, whatever Pogba gives to the play this season, he can’t make the team win by himself. The roll call of distinguished players includes Portuguese player Bruno Fernandes. 

Fernandes scored a hat-trick in a 5–1 triumph over Leeds United in the Premier League’s first and opening match, making Fernandes an exciting and critical prospect for Man United this season.

Despite their defeat at Spurs, does City remain the club to beat?

Gary Neville also believes that Manchester City, nicknamed ‘The Citizens, ‘ are the team to watch. Despite Son Heung-Min scoring the only goal to defeat Manchester City while Spurs were without their star player Harry Kane.

Neville says he has no reservations about Man City, upholding them for a stunning “15 minutes of football” against Spurs. Neville goes on to suggest that they might have scored another two goals, and go on to win the Premier League,  if Harry Kane plays “upfront.”

Any manager or coach knows it’s never a good idea to place all your hopes on one player. The team will need John Stone and Kyle Walker to bolster the defence. 

It’s easy to stand on the side of the pitch and make managerial decisions. Still, any football manager will confirm talking about playing, and scoring goals are two different things, even if you’re one of the highest-paid football pundits. Only time and play will tell.

Graeme Souness agrees with Neville, adding his two penn’orth by suggesting that City has resilience and tenacity that other teams are not showing. 

Souness knows what he’s talking about and will tell anyone who will listen. The former professional football player, manager, and current Sky Sports pundit from Scotland captained the successful Liverpool squad of the early 1980s, later served as player-manager of Rangers in the late 1980s, and captained the Scotland national team.  

However, Souness was not quite so optimistic as Neville, stating that to rely on players like ?lkay Gündo?an leaves you “open to disappointment.”

Can Chelsea win the Premier League and the Champions League ?

Chelsea, The Blues have a lot to prove. Can they win both the Premier League and the Champions League? That’s the question on everyone’s lips. Most agree they stand a good chance with players like Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian striker heads up an impressive team under the management of Thomas Tuchel.

Souness believes that if Lukaku stays fit, expect to see more than 20 goals from this imaginative player. Commenting to Sky Sports, Tuchel didn’t seem optimistic. 

Despite their Champions League success and opening success over Crystal Palace, Thomas Tuchel believes his club are only “fourth favourite” for the crowning Premier League title – if your coach doesn’t think you can win, what hope has Chelsea got? 

The glass half empty attitude has not been known to win games in the past, but maybe Tuchel is modest. Who knows?

Are the Reds in Contention For the Crown?

Souness appeared to downplay Liverpool’s chances of winning, commenting with a wishy-washy statement, “Liverpool will get there or close to it”. Going on to say, “the play will not select the title in March/April, and the decision who will wear the crown will be made at the last minute.” 

Dutch player Virgil van D?k and Job Joël Matip, known as Joël from Cameroon, are players to watch. The two make an interesting pairing and give Liverpool the edge. Let’s not forget about Jordan Henderson MBE and midfielder James Milner. With all this talent on show, Liverpool is being heralded as the team to watch.

Liverpool and Manchester United Are the Pundits Top Tips

The Sky News pundits seem to agree the contenders for the title are The Reds Vs The Red Devils. Red is the favourite colour of choice for the top place this season. As any football fan knows, anything can happen. Injuries and, of course, the pandemic could affect the star players these clubs rely on to win without careful handling.

We can all speculate but it’s better to wait and see what happens – these are exciting times!


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