Twelve fans arrested after Napoli’s Europa League match at Leicester

Date: 17th September 2021 at 2:10pm
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Leicestershire Police have made at least 12 arrests after Napoli drew 2-2 with Leicester City in the Europa League on Thursday evening.

There were clashes between both sets of fans at full-time, prompting police officers to break up the skirmishes in the crowd.

According to the Leicester Mercury, fans launched missiles at one another, Leicester City supporters climbed over the netting separating the two supporter bases, and there is video footage of fans of the Serie A side using their belts as weapons.

Stewards were being overwhelmed before the police intervened and it took them a few minutes to diffuse the situation.

Leicestershire Police announced on Twitter shortly after that they made those arrests.

“All the excitement for Europe spoilt once again by the minority,” they said. “CCTV will be viewed and those responsible will be held to account.

“Behaviour by some was a disgrace. Well done and thank you to those who didn’t get involved. Twelve arrests so far and counting.”


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