CONMEBOL against biennial World Cup

Date: 29th October 2021 at 11:28pm
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The South American Football Federation – CONMEBOL – has completely dismissed FIFA‘s idea of a World Cup being held every two years amidst rumours surrounding a reform of football’s top international tournament.

Recent talk has been about making the tournament a biennial one as opposed to every four years, with the likes of Brazil and Argentina’s participation now unlikely if the change is forced through.

CONMEBOL is adamant that it does not want to wave goodbye to 100 years of footballing tradition in favour of yet another proposal to shake up football.

“The World Cup is in good health,” a CONMEBOL statement read, “with its current format and qualification system. It’s a model that works, a model of success based on sporting merit and excellence, planning and talent.”

If changes are made then the ten members of the confederation will refuse to compete, and the tournament as we know it will die a death.


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