Dal Pino: Agents are running football

Date: 14th October 2021 at 12:16pm
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Lega Serie A president, Paolo Dal Pino, has hit out at football agents for being greedy and believes it’s an issue that needs “addressing immediately”.

Football agents have long been known to take more than their fair share of the cake when it comes to fees involving the transfer of their players from club to club, but Dal Pino believes it’s gone a step too far.

“It’s an urgent theme that needs addressing,” Dal Pino told Corriere della Sera. “We need some transparency as to what happens with agents and their fees and the details need to be made public.

“It’s something that needs looking into and regulating as soon as possible. Agents are becoming the owners of football”.

Last season, the Italian football federation (FIGC) tried to cap any given agent’s commission at 3 percent from a single transfer, as opposed to the 3-10 pc that’s seen as the international standard.

However, in fear of missing out on top players, Serie A clubs have continued to cave in to the high demands of football agents who netted high fees, even during the height of the pandemic, and so the theme continues.


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