Ex-Juventus star Trezeguet: Chiesa is not a striker

Vito Doria Date:1st October 2021 at 9:36pm
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David Trezeguet believes that Juventus forward Federico Chiesa is not an out-and-out striker and he is better off remaining on the wings or operating as a support striker for the Serie A side.

The Italian international played up front alongside Federico Bernardeschi and scored the winner in the Bianconeri’s 1-0 victory against Chelsea in the Champions League on Wednesday evening but one former La Vecchia Signora striker does not think that is his ideal role.

“He is not a centre-forward, this is certain,” Trezeguet told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “He loves space, he likes to start from the wings, he will never be a [Victor] Osimhen. For me, he is a winger or a support striker.

“Federico thinks little but he is incisive often, beats a man, and he is more determined than the others. He is different to the others and Juve need him a lot. With or without him, everything changes: they are another team.

“He must learn to turn around, move better around the ground, run better, understand his teammates and how they move. He will get there.”