Juventus to renegotiate Morata’s price with Atletico Madrid

Date: 7th October 2021 at 6:00pm
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Juventus could soon enter negotiations with Atletico Madrid to lower the agreed price tag for Spanish striker Alvaro Morata.

Morata is currently in the second of a two-year loan spell in Serie A from Atletico Madrid, with the Bianconeri having paid €10 million for each year of the deal.

There is an option for Juve to make Morata their player on a permanent basis but the agreed fee was €35 million.

It has been reported by TMW that Juve don’t want to lose the player they spent €20 million on for free, but they also do not wish to essentially pay €55 million for him either, especially if they enter the market for a striker such as Dusan Vlahovic in the summer.

Atletico Madrid are likely aware that the striker is not currently worth €35 million on top of the loan fees, so a renegotiation is a possibility for both parties.


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