Serie A – The Most Interesting League in Europe

Date: 27th October 2021 at 9:11pm
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The Italian Serie A might be one of the most interesting national championships this year.

Over the previous couple of seasons, the Italian league changed significantly, becoming arguably the most attractive domestic competition in Europe.

Several teams have the ambition to win the Scudetto, which immediately adds drama and thrill and is basically something that always pumps up the hype. Just check out the Vegas odds on Serie A, and see for yourself that at least five teams have a chance to win the trophy. But not only that.

The style of play of the Italian teams drastically changed, especially after 2017. You can now see that one Serie A game brings more goals than the English Premier League, the French League, and even the Bundesliga.

Atalanta, for instance, was the most entertaining club in all top five European leagues during 2020, with the most goals occurring in their matches. So, when you combine drama with lots of scores, you hit the jackpot.

According to the odds, La Dea is 9/1 to win the title this year and is the fifth favorite. Ahead of them are Juventus, 9/2, two teams from Milan, Inter, 11/4 and AC Milan 7/2, and Napoli, the top candidates at the moment, and the league leaders.

Jose Mourinho’s Roma is 14/1, and we have to say that even though Il Lupi isn’t among the top candidates for Scudetto, they are one of the most-watched teams outside Italy, precisely because of Mourinho and his charisma. The Portuguese accepted Roma’s offer and surprised the entire soccer community, but also, brought colossal attention.

Serie A lost two fantastic players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku, during this offseason, but that didn’t hurt the media rights value or the overall popularity of the competition. Unlike, for example, La Liga. That is because we don’t have such a big imbalance between the top two or three teams, and the rest of the league.

With Ronaldo’s and Lukaku’s departure, the battle for Capocannoniere, or the Serie A Golden Boot, will be pretty intense, because these two guys stood above all others. Now, we have several strikers who are after the prize.

Ciro Immobile, the former European Golden Shoe, leads the list of the favorites, 5/2, ahead of Edin Dzeko, who is 6/1. Inter’s Lautaro Martinez is 7/1, and fantastic Victor Osimhen 8/1. One after another follow Duvan Zapata, Dusan Vlahovic, Joao Pedro, etc.

For those who are still underestimating the Italian domestic competitions, here is one reminder that might change their perspective. Italy won the latest EURO, beating England at Wembley. A vast majority of the players were from Serie A, and that only proves our claims that this competition has a huge concentration of quality.

As the season goes by, we expect even more fun and drama, particularly because of the number of contenders. All the other leagues will lose their thrill because they won’t have close title races.

Keep an eye and follow Serie A if you haven’t already. You won’t have a shred of regret.


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