Soccer Stadiums and Covid-19

Date: 6th October 2021 at 10:39pm
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It has been over a year since fans enjoyed watching soccer inside the stadium. The restrictions all over the world made football seem lonely. However, the good news is that the UK and some other parts of the world have relaxed Covid-19 restrictions. For that reason, fans can now buy Man Utd tickets, attend physically and watch their favorite teams play. Over the last few weeks of August and September 2021, most stadiums in England got filled to capacity. You could feel the excitement in the fans, especially after the match. Most of the fans stayed behind. Unfortunately, the world does not have a cure for the virus, and we all need to be careful. Think about the following when going out to watch your favorite team.

You are still at risk of getting infected

While outdoor activities have a lower chance of spreading the virus, sitting and screaming closer can. After lifting the restrictions, fans filled most stadiums to capacity. For that reason, the risk of infection went up. Experts argue that packed stadiums are not the best place to be for older and frail people. This is because of the high chances of exposure to the virus. In light of that, several experts and doctors have criticized the move by the UK Prime Minister Johnson of lifting the restrictions. They term it as ill-advised and could see the country suffer.

What you need to do

If you are a soccer fan, nothing but death will stop you from watching your favorite team play. However, you don’t have to wait till death stands in your way. A vaccine is an answer. Experts argue that those vaccinated have little chance of dying from a Covid-19 infection. Therefore, both young and old fans need the full vaccine dose. It is the best way out of the current predicament with the virus.

Apart from getting vaccinated, soccer fans must wear a face mask. A lot of critics and human rights activists have disputed the protection people get from masks. Masks give the person wearing them some level of protection. First, you will not inhale the virus from the person standing or sitting next to you screaming. Also, you will not infect the person sited next to you when screaming and celebrating a goal.

Besides that, if you take a Covid-19 test at home, and it comes back positive, don’t go to the stadium to watch the match. You risk infecting unmasked or unvaccinated fans. Note that you have a responsibility to care about others and not yourself. You will be protecting others by not attending the match physically. Also, you will help prevent the further spread of the virus. Stay at home and watch the game on TV or play lucky nugget slots instead to pass the time.

The good news

Experts agree that fully vaccinated individuals can meet and interact with each other without masks. Therefore, fans need the full vaccination dose. It is the only way we get back to watching soccer without masks and other restrictions. 


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