Cassano: Chiesa is strong, but Cuadrado is a champion

Date: 6th November 2021 at 5:46pm
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Former Inter and AC Milan striker Antonio Cassano has suggested that Juan Cuadrado is a better footballer than Federico Chiesa.

The retired forward was discussing Massimiliano Allegri’s time at Juventus since he returned to the club and passed comment on his team selections.

“Chiesa is strong, but Cuadrado is a champion,” Cassano said on Bobo TV.

He went on to criticise Allegri for his tactic of allowing teams to come onto Juventus. He emphasised the quality of Juve’s wingers and suggested who should be played in midfield.

“Allegri, do you want to try to give Juve an identity without waiting for teams in your half? You have the strongest wingers in the championship, in between you need quality, so play Arthur and Bentancur,” Cassano continued.


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