‘Mourinho is technically inferior to almost all Italian coaches’

Date: 3rd November 2021 at 5:21pm
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After Jose Mourinho suffered his first home defeat as Roma boss, and as boss of an Italian side, Luigi Maifredi has branded the Portuguese coach as inferior to his Italian counterparts.

Mourinho has has a long and successful career winning the Champions League with Porto, as well as the Treble with Inter in 2010. However, more recently the trophies have dried up and the Portuguese coach last won a title with Manchester United which was the 2017 Europa League.

“Mourinho is a crafty man and that’s it,” Maifredi told TMW Radio.

“Technically he is inferior to almost all Italian coaches. He’s just good at communicating. He doesn’t give anything to the team.

“He was lucky at Porto, and then he was good at promoting himself. I would never take him as a coach even if they paid me.”

Specifically comparing Mourinho to Stefano Pioli, Maifredi was complimentary of the AC Milan coach who he believes isn’t one to moan to media outlets when decisions to go the way of his Rossoneri side.

“Pioli never complains, despite the wrongs,” Maifredi continued.

“When you do a certain type of job, you enter a world with rules. And the referee is one of those you can’t attack, because he’s always right.

“Going up against them afterwards is harmful to everyone. And as a result, you give an alibi to players who didn’t play well.”


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