Everyone is Looking at Vlahovic, but Where Could He End Up?

Date: 3rd January 2022 at 12:16pm
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Transfers are underway in the middle of the football season – a time when acquiring players is very difficult, often impulsive, and more expensive – and one name is on the tips of a lot of tongues.

Dusan Vlahovic, the Serbian striker plying his trade at Fiorentina, is a hot commodity, having been named the first player to score more than 30 Series A goals in a calendar year in December, and, as he makes plans to leave the Viola behind, a lot of big teams have their eye on him. Amongst them are names like Arsenal, Tottenham, and Juventus are in talks to try and nab him.

But do they have the funds, or the pull to catch him? Read on for our picks for the most likely suspects to gain a significant striker to their team.

Newcastle United?

With Dusan Vlahovic’s contract with Viola set to run out in 2023, a lot of teams are queuing up to sign him. Front of that row is Newcastle United, who are rumoured to offer a whopping €100 million for the 21-year-old, which has been the highest bid between them and Arsenal.

Having boosted their offer to €80 million, Arsenal didn’t manage to convince the Serbian striker or his agent that it was good enough, and they were promptly rejected. Will an extra €20 million really be enough to seduce the striker to Newcastle?

The Magpies will be excited by the prospect of having a striker of such calibre leading their line. Despite having Callum Wilson, Vlahovic would represent a significant coup, and he would be the first marquee signing of this new era at Newcastle, one of new hope. Fans can search for football tickets online at seatpick.com in the hopes of seeing this team transition to a genuine challenge for trophies at St. James’ Park.

Manchester United?

We all knew this was coming eventually. They have lost most of the games they’ve played in the Premier League, dismally disappointing fans, and leading to the firing of their beloved manager: Man Utd are in a slump.

A slump that only a truly miraculous player could help them out of. If that isn’t Ronaldo, who has had half a season to prove himself, then maybe that can be this record-breaking striker?

Despite their current situation, Man Utd is a historically top-tier team, that attracts top tier players from around the world and Vlahovic’s main reason for rejecting Arsenal has been to join a club capable of making it to the Champions League.

Now, Man Utd might still be two points away, but they’re better than what Arsenal are doing, and might just be enough to entice the Serbian player to British shores.

Real Madrid?

Real Madrid have supposedly been in talks with Vlahovic, which could prove promising for them. The striker’s recent “snubbing” of Arsenal and their offer that would have made him a record-breaking sale for Fiorentina might suggest a reluctance to the UK teams. Maybe Real Madrid and the Spanish sun is simply more appealing than moving into the British winter.

Photo by Daniel Norin on Unsplash


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