Ihattaren: Sampdoria broke promises, they didn’t pay me, I was abandoned

Date: 14th January 2022 at 4:30pm
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Mohamed Ihattaren, has broken his silence and spoken about the way in which he’s been treated in an ill-fated spell at Sampdoria.

Ihattaren, 19, signed for Juventus from PSV Eindhoven and wad immediately sent out on loan to Sampdoria in the summer of 2021, but went missing soon after and hasn’t played a game of football since.

The young Dutchman returned to the Netherlands and is said to be training alone before deciding his next move. However, he has also spoken in a very negative manner regarding the Sampdoria and their handling of the situation.

“I left because of the way things were happening there,” Ihattaren told Dutch publication De Telegraaf. “I was left alone, at 19 years old, in a hotel room. I couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t cope.

“All the things that they [Sampdoria] had said would happen, didn’t. It was like the promises no longer existed. I wasn’t even receiving my wages so I took the decision to leave.

“Nothing was organised, I made the decision myself. I couldn’t trust them any longer. I called someone and asked about my wages and they told me they would pay every two months.

“However, it didn’t happen and I started to become increasingly frustrated. I hadn’t played, and my prospects seemed grim at the time”.


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